Have A Happy Scandi Christmas.

Scandi Christmas. I’ve looked into my roots before. No. Not those roots. I know the brown has been replaced by grey. I have the privilege of paying £45 a month to convince myself and the world…

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Ladies That I Have Fallen In Love With.

A Risky Sunday Lunch That Totally Paid Off.

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Social/Family. So, the month finally arrived that saw my little boy start big school. He already knows most of the children in his class as he had previously been going to the school nursery. He’s settled…

Come On Pay Day, Autumn Is Calling.

A Beautiful City And The Perfect Cake Date.

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There’s Going To Be Some Changes Round …

It’s four months until Christmas! Too soon? I know I’m too early for the obligatory New year blog/personal goals and life resolutions setting, but this is a little different. Having my recent blogging hiatus of…

Skin Care Skills To Sort Your Face Out.

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