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Having seen a few of these type of posts floating around, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and let you all into the Mary Poppins world of the contents of my bag and some bag essentials.

I can’t say it’s going to be deeply exciting. I’m sure most if pretty standard. But here we go.

So my beloved ‘Chanel’ bag from the only place I’d ever be able to afford a Chanel bag.. good ole Turkey! I also bartered really well for it! This bag wasn’t mean to be my day-to-day bag but has turned into it. My former beloved Warehouse fabric bag finally hung up its straps and was swiftly replaced by this bag. So I basically take out and put in what I need for work days and non-work days. But today, I’ve pictured it as a normal day, with plenty of bag essentials.

The Big Bag Essentials.

  • 2012 Diary – I’m never without a diary. If anything, Santa seems to buy me 2. Between this and the calander on my phone, I somehow get through the year.
  • Address book – I’d love to say I update it, but I’d be lieing.. However, it does come in handy for Christmas card writing.
  • Makeup – Sometimes I carry my full makeup bag, but most days I just carry the essentials of concealer and eye liner.
  • Purse – Love this purse by Jane Norman. It’s hard wearing and holds everything I need. I just wish it magically made money appear.

The Small Bag Essentials.

  • Sunglass – By Primark, I may add. Always a fan of the Victoria Beckham style glasses. I normally have another pair of sunnies that are aviator style, but they broke..
  • Paracetamol – You never know. Haha! Plus, my job can be stressful, so it’s good to have a quick fix..
  • Carmex Lip Balm – My new ‘can’t live without’. Love the smell and taste (weirdo) and it does seem to moisturise my lips.
  • YSL Baby Doll perfume – IT is now empty I may add, but loved that it was bag size and is one of my favourite perfumes ever.
  • Rimmel No 700 Nude Delight – I hardly ever wear lipstick, but this nude shade I really love and make more of an effort to wear it when on training courses, etc..
  • Hand sanitizer – I like having it with me for those toilets that don’t know what soap is and also for when dog walking and picking up poo.
  • Deodrant – A must, especially through the warmer months. Love the Nivea under arm rollar collection.
  • Vaseline – Love this Aloe Vera one, plus I use it over the lipstick.
  • Clarins hand cream – A wonderful gift from my auntie. Smells like beeswax and really makes my hands feel soft.


Well, there we have it. An insight into my bag and bag essentials. I may follow-up with a look into the mess that is my makeup bag. For someone that possesses not to wear much makeup, I definitely have a fair amount.


What would be in your bag and your bag essentials?

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