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Getting My Life In Order With Personal Planner.

26th September 2012crelgey

After attending a recent Leeds Blogger Event and going through the wonderful goodie bags we received, I came across a leaflet for a personal planner company.

After a browse of their site, which took some time and basically could have resulted in me wanting one of everything – I finally settled and placed an order. With baby en-route and being quite the forgetful person, I thought it would be the answer to all my problems! Plus it was so much fun to order. The sheer amount of options to personalise it was insane! I loved it! Adding event dates, notes to it to specific areas I’d chosen etc.

I have since concluded that I don’t think I have an organizing problem, It’s not that I needed a diary/planner in my life – but hell yes to having one – and I do put some dates on my phone too. It’s more a case that, I need to be told to LOOK/CHECK my diaries/phone!

personal planner

I was so excited when my planner arrived. It looks amazing and has more than enough space for all my notes and lists. I seem to have a lot going on now its all written in one place! It was also great that you were able to select specific dates for the planner to run from/till. I have mine from September until September, so even though we’re 3 months from the end of 2012 I still have a years worth of planner.


I’d definitely recommend a personal planner to anyone. The fact that they can be so personalized means they would also make great gifts.



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