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With the re-launch of her website, Made In Chelsea returning to our screens, plus my ever-growing love of her items, I thought I’d honour this lovely lady, her talent and amazing designs in a feature post. So here is a post on Zara Taylor jewellery.

If you follow me on here, twitter or Lookbook, you’ll already know of my obsession with Zara Taylor jewellery. I quite happily will say that in 90% of my outfit posts I’m wearing something from one of her collections.

I find her designs simple and beautiful, which makes them easy to dress up or down with any outfit choice.

zara taylor jewellery

Her collections consist of necklaces, rings and earrings. Necklace wise, you can also choose to just buy a pendant only and with some you can choose the type and length of the chain.

She also recently added lovely clothing items, bags and iPhone cases to her site.

Items always come delivered well packaged, most in little linen logo printed bags and or in logo printed boxes.

I challenge anyone to browse her website and not find anything of interest, want or need.

Next on my wish list is the Vintage Lapis Blue Matrix Ring.


You can find Zara Taylor on:


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