maternity style


I was always a little worried about my ever-growing bump and the implications on my wardrobe and fashion available to cater for it. But I knew that my favourite high street brands, such as Topshop, Next and New Look had maternity collections so I should be ok.
However, I didn’t realise that most of these brands had decided to take their collections out of stores and to online only. Kinda limiting the maternity style shop.

I didn’t quite see the point in this and as a first time mum-to-be I had no idea what size of anything to buy and really just wanted to grab a load of clothes and spent an hour in the changing rooms trying things on to see what a) fitted b) looked right, instead of having to guesstimate and order online, to await it to be delivered, to try it on, to then decide whether to keep or return and reorder and start process again.. Not quite a stress-free experience.

Thankfully on a doomed shopping trip after finding all this out, H&M came to my rescue, being the only high street store at the retail park that had a maternity section in store. I purchased much-needed work trousers, a work top, trusty jeans and a jumper dress.

After trying items on in H&M that day, I proceeded to guesstimate on my size and have made further online purchases from Topshop, Next and Asos, including some dresses for the festive season!

So, below are a few outfits, showcasing my maternity style.

maternity style

Jumper: Normal Topshop range, Black leggings: Next Maternity, Shoes: New Look, Earrings: Zara Taylor

maternity style

Dress: ASOS Maternity, Tights: ASOS Maternity, Shoes: New Look, Belt: New Look, Clutch: Primark, Jacket: eBay

maternity style

Top: Miss Guided, Leggings: Next Maternity, Shoes: New Look


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