going out pregnancy outfit

Cardigan – Matalan, TShirt – Topshop, Leggings – Next Maternity, Flats – New Look, Necklace – Topshop


I was meant to do an going out pregnancy outfit post (which would have been of course a comfy pregnancy outfit too!) on Valentines Day, however, I wasn’t as organised as I normally am and with moving, although now living in the right place, some of our possessions are still at the rented property, and it turned out that that was where my makeup bag was. I haven’t really been wearing much makeup of late, but did want to make the effort for our meal out, but hey.

So instead, this going out pregnancy outfit post is from the Mr’s birthday meal out to our favourite restaurant, Jeremy’s. We’ve actually eaten out quite a bit this month, but with baby’s arrival imminent, we thought we best make the most of our (quiet, couple) time together.

As always, my outfit was of comfort and simplicity. This due to the fact that a) this is me and b) nothing in my wardrobe fits me. I even struggled with these flats as my feet are more swollen than I knew! (blah blah, poor me!) I seem to be living in leggings at the moment, but they really are so comfy, especially with being maternity ones, as they have a pouch that goes over your bump to keep it, and you, warm.

I’m really all about the comfy pregnancy outfit life.



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