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Shockingly, I’ve never been good at looking after my skin, a couple of years ago I started my search for a ‘proper’ skincare routine.

The first products I tried were Dermalogica after having an introduction to them at a local beautician. She used a fair number of products on me and although my skin felt amazing afterward, there really were too many products for me to remember what to do with what etc, so I just bought into three and made them my current skincare products. At first, I loved them and used as prescribed, twice daily, but they soon started to make me break out quite a lot. Which may of been them doing good, but I wasn’t 100% sold and soon stopped using them.

I got into blogging not long after, so I scoured beauty blogs, read reviews, watched adverts, looked at products in stores and watched youtube videos in search for new products to try. A couple of youtube videos later I was sold on Liz Earles Superskin Essentials Regime and bought the starter pack which included the:

  • Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser,
  • Instant Boost skin tonic and
  • Skin Repair moisturiser, plus
  • Muslim cloths

They have been my current skincare regime and I’ve been repurchasing ever since. I love the stuff! The hot cloth cleanser is so nice and the tonic you can immediately feel work, it really makes my skin tingle and feels clean. The moisturiser is great, a little really goes a long way, but I can’t help but possibly (overuse!).
The great thing about the Liz Earle range is that they always have monthly promotional offers. Meaning you get the essentials that you need, plus a sample of a different product to try. Delivery is always within a reasonable timescale and everything comes beautifully packaged.
I love the regime so much that I’ve actually ordered the men’s equivalent for my partner for his birthday!

I recently read/heard that REN Skincare was mentioned in a few bloggers ‘best products of 2012’.
After browsing their website, I thought I’d give their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask a go.
I was pleasantly surprised upon using it for the first time as not only did it smell of orange jelly, it was clear on an application and make my skin feel really amazing! It isn’t something I’ll be using daily, but will definitely make it a weekly thing.



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