What I’ve Been Buying Recently.

I may/may not have been shopping recently.

Thought I’d share some recent buys with you.

recent buys

Going forward with my New Years resolution to take more pride/time with my appearance, I decided after much deliberation, to purchase some MAC brushes. I did look into buying a full set, but I thought I’d just buy what I knew I’d definitely use. So I bought the:

  • MAC 182 Buffer Brush,
  • MAC 190 Foundation Brush and the
  • MAC 195 Concealer Brush.

 I personally stopped straightening my hair a couple years ago. My hair is thin and fragile at the best of times, so the only real time they touched my hair was at my monthly haircut/colour.

But recently I’ve wanted to play around with some styles, loose waves etc and after watching youtube clips, I heard good things. So after much deliberation again whether to go Cloud Nine or GHD, I decided on Cloud Nine. For the use they are going to get and my hair being thin, I opted for the micro irons instead of the normal or wide plated ones.

Some jewellery purchases never go amiss.. I seem to go through stages of buying and not wearing.. But another promise to myself this year to is to wear and accessorise more. So these are a few:

  • Gold heart necklace, which is quite short and delicate.

  • Cross necklace, which has 3 different drops to it. The cross, a heart and a pearl. Again, is quite a delicate piece and is a long line necklace.

  • Gold spike and stone bracelet in the background. (all above 3 pieces from Topshop)

  • Group of bracelets at the front in black, silver and gold are from New Look.


What do you think about my recent buys?


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