Giving My Hair Some Bumble and bumble Love.

bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble


As you may have read me mention, I bought some of the Bumble and bumble sea spray last month to try after reading someone post about it on twitter, and LOVED it!

So much so, that the following evening I spent on google and on the Bumble and Bumble website viewing the rest of their products.

I decided to go for their Thickening Hairspray as I have the thinnest hair ever and I always deter from using normal hairspray on my hair as it just seems to make it sticky and then like cardboard.
I’m always a sucker for these ‘spend over x and get free delivery’ offers, so, I ended up adding the Grooming Crème to my basket also. This is another product to help with the un-done done/tousled look.

My hair is quite reluctant to have any sort of ‘style’ done to it, so, this, out of bed, un-done done look is something that I think is possibly in my reach, as my hair can still stay happily straight.

Next on my BB shopping list is the surf shampoo and conditioner.

Has anyone tried it?

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