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Bumble And Bumble, A New Hair Affair.

29th May 2013crelgey

I bought some of the Bumble and bumble sea spray last month to try after reading someone’s post about it on twitter and have to say, I LOVED it! So much so, that the following evening I spent a stupid amount of time on their website viewing the rest of their products and deliberating over what to purchase, because, well, I wanted it all!


Bumble And Bumble.

I have the thinnest hair ever and always shy away from using normal hairspray on my hair as it just seems to make it sticky and then like cardboard, so I was intrigued to try their Thickening Hairspray.

I’m always a sucker for an offer. So with a ‘spend over x and get free delivery’ offer on, I ended up adding the Grooming Crème to my basket also. This is another product to help with the un-done done/tousled look that I so desire.

My hair is quite reluctant to have any sort of ‘style’ done to it, so, this, out of bed, the un-done done look is something that I think is possible in my reach, as my hair can still stay happily straight.


Next on my BB shopping list is the surf shampoo and conditioner. I just love the sea salt smell.

Has anyone tried it?

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