Nothing To See Here. I’m On A Clothes Ban.

Oh, how times have changed.

I remember commenting on a similar clothes ban titled post saying how I could never put myself on a spending ban. Well, look at me now!

Upon deciding that I won’t be returning to work, a moment of panic set in. I won’t have an income anymore. I won’t be able to go shopping! The torture! However, thinking of my son and out of respect to my partner for being the one working and bringing the money in to spend, I thought it would be pretty selfish of me to worry of my own shopping needs.

Plus, I’m still on my weight loss mission. I have two months to go until my besties wedding and the need for me to squeeze myself into a bridesmaid dress. I am slowly losing some weight, so it seemed pointless to keep buying clothes that I’ll be growing out of and to instead, use/wear what I have and then treat myself after the wedding.

I plan to do a ‘wish list’ post once a week on items I’m lusting over. I thought it would be good to do this so that I can look back at them when I am able to shop and see what items I still would really like, as sometimes, you know, it’s more a want than an actual need.

So that’s the plan. Clothes ban until 31st October. (I give myself a month!)

Wish me luck!

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