We recently attended a friends son’s Christening and also our own son’s Christening. So of course, it called for two new outfits. I mean, you can’t wear the same outfit to two Christenings a week after another! So here’s a little about my Christening outfits.

christening outfits

 Dress – Fearne Cotton range for Very

This first outfit was for my friend’s sons christening. I knew I wanted to branch out and wear a dress, for both Christenings really. I mean, obviously in all honesty, if I could have gotten away with jeans, of course I’d of worn some smart ones. But, I thought I best comply with good ‘Church’ morals and wear a dress.
Searching online and scrolling through Very, I came across this dress and I loved it. But, as with most things, I was unsure as to what it would look like on. With obviously being an item out of my comfort zone, it had colours on it and plus, I was still holding a bit of baby weight and not feeling completely confident. Yet I ordered it, tried it on and was pleasantly surprised! It’s a great fit, length and style.

I’ll definitely be looking at more pieces from Fearne’s range.


christening outfits

 Dress – Vila Treva at Very


My second Christening outfit was for my son’s christening, the following weekend.

It was another Very purchase, searching and buying it at the same time as the above dress. Again, dresses are completely out of my comfort zone and so style wise I have no idea what suits me, but with this dress, I thought the skater style would be a good call, as although fitted from the bust to waist, it then flares, like a bubble and hangs off my hips just right. I’m still cautious of my baby weight baggage and this style disguised my hips well. It has a cut out back too, which I thought was a lovely detail. I really loved this dress.

What do you think to my choices?


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