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11th September 2013crelgey

Dr Murad is a company I’ve heard great reviews of, but never actually got round to trying, so I was very excited and happy to be *gifted this small collection to try. Especially it being the Dr Murad Age Defense collection. I definitely need some of that after having a baby.

I was impressed to learn, that Dr Murad isn’t just a great selling name, it’s an actual person. Not only an actual person but an actual Dr. The Murad ’empire’ also stretches to the Murad Inclusive Health Center and Spa, Murad Medical Group and Murad Research Laboratories. He also travels for speeches as a brand ambassador, skin-health educator and the author of 3 books. Busy man!

Turning 30 this year does scare me and over the last year, I’ve really started to take more interest and care of my skin. Sadly, probably 29 years too late. I may not be able to reverse the effects of my sun-seeking sun-bed loving younger days, the crows feet, wrinkles and dried-out skin can be seen, but I can do my best to prolong what I have left.

This ‘Best of’ set sounded amazing. It included: Active Radiance Serum, Time Release Retinol Concentrate for deep wrinkles, Renewing Eye Cream and Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. A good selection of day to day products.

I’ve been using them morning and evening, before bed for a month now. By far, my favourite product is the serum as it just has a clean fresh smell about it, plus it’s one of those products that as soon as you put it on your face you face feels clean and clear. I love it.
The moisturiser was another hit for me, it wasn’t heavy/thick. I think some moisturisers have this about them, but again, It felt lovely on my skin.

I can’t say I’ve seen noticeable changes in my fine lines and wrinkles. But it has been a joy using the products and I plan to continue doing so until they’ve run out and since the brand is now available at House of Fraser, Leeds, I’ll definitely be having a nosey at what other products they have to offer!


Have you tried any Dr Murad products, what would you recommend?


Find it: Link!

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  • liza prideaux

    11th September 2013 at 11:28 am

    Ooh I've not heard of this brand, I'm enjoying using a serum at the Moment so good to know this is a nice one.

    Liza | Glambeautys

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