Sniper Ftiness, Scarborough’s First Bootcamp.

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Sniper Fitness.

Facebook. It’s always through Facebook, isn’t it? That you find out about everyone’s news. It really is the best place to advertise a business, it only takes a ‘like’ or a ‘share’ and this is rightly so, as it is the place I first heard of a business that would take over my life for oh, a good year!

That business was Sniper Bootcamp.

szzA newly formed Scarborough based business – The brain-child of three local personal trainers (qualified and insured) with the intention of taking the fitness out of the gym. Why not make the most of what’s easily accessible to everyone, 24hrs a day? – The great outdoors.

Joining a Sniper Bootcamp is available to anyone, (16+years) male or female, of any fitness level and any end goal – be it improving fitness or weight loss. Bootcamp runs Monday to Saturday, early morning, mid-morning and evening. All you need is general gym/workout wear and appropriate footwear and a will to push yourself.

Sniper Bootcamp currently has ranks in Scarborough, Filey, Whitby and also a village bootcamp.


About This Scarborough Bootcamp.

Enrolling onto Sniper Bootcamp costs £50. This gives you a total of 15 possible sessions a month. Wait for it – equating to just £3.33 a session. Now that is crazy. With the number of bootcamps available, plus added extra SWAT classes – kettlebells, TSX, Running Club and Yoga, there really is something for everyone, with the bonus being that you can switch it up each week if you so feel.

Sessions or ‘operations’, as they’re called are based on a military feel. Upon signing up, your now known as a ‘recruit’, with your trainers being ‘drill sergeants’. Each operation is different, though may incorporate similar exercises and there will be running.

However, before you begin, you’ll have a short consultation, one on one with a drill sergeant. This gives them the chance to not only answer any questions you may have but also find out any relevant medical issues there maybe etc. This will also be the time that a number of measurements (Weight, Fat %, BMI, Muscle %, Visceral fat, RMR, BMR, Bone mass, Water weight, Circumferences) will be taken – if you wish, it’s not compulsory. They’re a great base level to have, as to then be able to look back on and see changes in black and white.


Buggy bootcamp?

Buggy bootcamp was launched a few months after Sniper bootcamp’s initial launch in July. With one of its co-founders having given birth, she was quick to see a gap in the market in the local area for mum’s wanting to get fit but unable to due to childcare issues.

Being a first-time parent with a six-month-old, although completely out of my comfort zone, I answered the Facebook post looking for interest, enrolled and a few weeks later was one of ten other ladies ready to give it a go. The sessions are three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 10 am until 11 am and consist of, well, working out with your buggy. That’s the joy of it.

The added bonus is that 95% of the ladies that signed up were new mums also. Doing bootcamp became a social morning out for the adult brain as much as working out. We were, all in the same boat. I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing buggy bootcamp. It did wonders not only in getting fit again but also my mental health. So much so, that I stuck it out for nearly year. Even then, I didn’t finish, I enrolled on the early morning bootcamp 6 am-7 am. for four months.


Sniper HQ.

Operational from January 2019, Sniper HQ brought a new element to the Sniper business. This ‘indoor battlefield’ allowed for a new wave of recruits and a new type of training. Sniper HQ houses equipment not seen at a gym in the town before.

HQ not only allows for taking bootcamps inside but also the ability to run classes. Such as kettlebells and jiggy jump (on mini trampettes).



I’d highly recommend Sniper Bootcamp. Friendly, professional, affordable and literally something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for?


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