Following on from my first Clarins purchase, I invested again. In their cheek blush. Am I becoming a beauty lover? Here is my review and thoughts.


Clarins cheek colour.

Starting early on my personal New Year resolutions, I took myself to Debenhams to browse the Clarins make up department, in search of a blusher.

I’d already spent some time researching the Clarins cheek colour shades and which would suit my skin tone, though after speaking to Clarins lady, she recommended Miami Pink as a good choice for not only my skin tone, but for younger skin. This comment made me very happy and I couldn’t have bought the product quicker!

What a clever sales lady!

Clarins Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Miami Pink – Debenhams £26


Pink isn’t normally my colour of choice, especially the ‘baby pink’ kind, however, I really like this blush on.
It’s so easy to sweep on. I think less is more with blusher for me and this shade add just the right amount of colour that compliments my skin tone more than I thought it would.

Having only recently ventured into the world of Clarins, I was suitably surprised by the gorgeous packaging the blush came in. I haven’t wanted to leave it out! I make sure I put it back in all its packaging after every use!


I’m looking forward to trying more products from Clarins. What would you suggest?



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