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#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Pop Groups

90s groups 1

Last year saw a real revival of 90’s pop groups, and ITV were quick to jump on the marketing band wagon by bringing us The Big Reunion. in ITV2.  Which then led to a strong tour of the UK.

I am a true ‘teeny bopper’. Pop music is by far my favourite genre. I love being able to sing along, (most of the songs have short versus and easy chorous) and in my youth I loved learning the dance routines. Don’t get me wrong, even at 30 I can still bust a Steps routine out.

So far, these bands have all ‘reunited’ either on their own or through The Big Reunion TV programme:

  • Spice Girls
  • Take That
  • Steps
  • Five (four)
  • Blue
  • 911
  • Atomic Kitten
  • Bewitched
  • Liberty X
  • Honeyz
  • Damage
  • Girl Thing
  • A1
  • Eternal
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Boyzone
  • Sugababes
  • Destiny’s Child

But what about these, who do you remember..?

90s pop groupss

  • Hanson – The 3 Canadian brothers with long golden locks that played their own instruments and gave us ‘mmm bop‘.
  • Northern Lline – 5 young men, put together to woo the ladies. An old skool ‘The Wanted’ if you wish. Love on the Northern Line?
  • All Saints – I loved these ladies for not being completely ‘pop’. Their love of baggy combats and vest tops made it an easy trend to copy at the time. There most known song is ‘Never Ever’, but I still love their debut single ‘I Know Where It’s At’.  
  • North & South – I can remember the TV they played in, No Sweat, but can only name one song, ‘I’m A Man Not A Boy‘. Apparently they went on to have 4 UK Top 40 Hits…
  • Lyte Funkie Ones (LFO) – 3 American young men. Pop and rap based. Cheesy Cheesy lyrics, stick with me to this day from the song ‘Summer Girls‘.. ‘New Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick..’ Beautiful lyrics. Deep.
  • O-Town – A MTV made band from their show ‘Making The Band’. A great mix of american young men. I liked a number of their songs, but ‘Liquid Dreams‘ was my favourite, lyrics wise and because I knew part of the dance routine. 
  • East17 – Controversial maybe, but they released one of my favourite ‘Christmas’ hits of all time.. ‘Stay‘. Those other sized snow white fluffy hooded coats. I loved their earlier songs like ‘Thunder‘ and ‘Steam‘.
  • N-Sync – Another take on Backstreet Boys. I can remember there being rivalry that you were either a BSB fan or N-Sync fan. (I was both) Mr JT was the one that held them together, with his lead vocals and amazing dances moves. A lover of all their songs and albums but ‘No Strings Attached‘ was a new sound for them to me and the title of my favourite album.
  • Dream – An American girl group, that I believe was a one hit wonder? I loved their song ‘He Loves U Not‘, but it just wasn’t meant to be..
  • No Mercy – Oh the cheesy-ness! I actually can’t write words for the song ‘Where Did You Go‘. I don’t even want to call them one hit wonders as I’m ashamed to say that I bought this on CD..

So that’s part 1 of my ‘The 90’s’ series.. Keep watching for the next.. 


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