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#thowbackthursday: The 90s: Beauty/Hair/Accessories

  • Impulse Body Spray – I loved this stuff! I used loads of it! On our Saturday ritual into town, I must of always bought at least one tin, if not more. I remember bulk buying on the Spice Girls limited edition tins though! I think my favourite scents were the citrus smelling ones.
  • Thin Eyebrows – I’m still paying for this ‘trend’ now. Once I could and following in my mothers steps, I was a serial eyebrow plucker.. over plucker! I think I’ve actually made mine not grow. They seem to grow out of the ‘brow line’, but not in the bulk of the eyebrow where you want them to grow!
  • Sun-In – This was mentioned in one of our #30sblogger chats on a Sunday. I’ve never used it, but I know of it. My hair from 13-15 was dyed an auburn colour. I was never into the ‘sun kissed’ look.
  • Scrunchies – Oh the scrunchies. On starting secondary school and for 3 years, there was the ‘how many scrunchies can you wear at once’ game. I think my bun used to accommodate 4. I haven’t really worn them since..
  • Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer Lipstick – I blame Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in Friends) for this one. Though I think I just followed suit with my friends. This was another Saturday trip into town purchase. I really wasn’t into lipstick, I just thought I needed it..
  • Glittery anything! (face, hair, body) – I can say I mainly wore glitter for show purposes, that being gymnastic competitions. We had the glitter hair spray and we went MENTAL with it.. I may of had some body glitter too, as I remember it being quite slimy. 
  • Frosted Eyeshadow – I have to admit that being a novice in makeup for many many many years, I was partial to white frosted eyeshadow (and blue at times) up until 2003 ish.. Yes, you may now click the x button of my blog.lol I thought it really suited me and brought out my blue eyes..
  • Hair Mascara – When may hair wasn’t hair sprayed and stuck with glitter to my head, I did love using hair mascaras. I remember getting some as freebies in magazines. Me and my friends used to swap. 
  • Bath Pearls – Another addition from the #30sbloggers chat. I had totally forgotten about these until they were mentioned. I remember having some dolphin shaped ones. You used to get them in The Body Shop’s gift packs that me and my friends used to buy each other for birthdays and Christmas.
  • The ‘Rachel’ haircut – Rachel being from Friends. I wasn’t sure on the cut, but I remember loving the colours and highlights. 
  • Perms – I think I had my hair permed twice in my school days. I think it was more of an 80’s trend, but there were a number of girls with it at school. I only kept it for a few months each time as couldn’t be bothered with the up keep and mass of moose. Thankfully, it brushed out of my hair easily. 
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust – Like frosted eyeshadow, this was a love of mine till around 2003. I had a tiny pink pot that I generally used more as a blusher/highlighter.. I know I know.. so naive..
  • Thick Head Bands – I remember these from my Primary School days in the early 90’s. I think it possibly was an 80’s trend too?! But literally, head bands the width of your head.. why I say, why!..

What do you remember or try to forget from the 90’s?


  • Polka Dots and Cups of Tea

    Impulse, desperately wanting my hair to look like Rachel's and frosted eyeshadow! Scrunchies are coming back into fashion. We have about 15 lying around the house! I'll echo Emma…loving the series!

    • Caroline

      haha, I know.. I can't say I'm going to follow the trend this time round though.. thank you and good! keep reading! 🙂 x

  • New Girl in Toon

    Yay Thursday already?! 😀

    I'm so glad I didn't play about with my eyebrows in the 90s! Mine were very busy and Bert like until I was well into my 20s and decided to do something about them! I got them done professionally and the lady was very impressed I'd never messed with them and since then I always get complimented on my "perfect" eyebrows! So glad I never plucked them 🙂

    I loved the glitter so much, I used to cover myself in it when I was going to boyband concerts :p x

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