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#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Food and Drink

So this week, we’re talking about 90’s foods and drinks..
I know some of these are still available, but it’s more that they’re not as popular as what they were in their heyday..

  • Sunny Delight – Or Sunny D as it’s marketed now. I’m not convinced, as an adult, that this is ‘good’ for children, but boy, it tastes good! 
  • Nesquik – That bunny and the TV adverts.. Cereal tasted good, it not looking like animal droppings!
  • Um Bongo – Again, I can’t imagine the E numbers in this, but it tasted good. The adverts we’re awesome!
  • Nerds – They used to go everywhere! I liked that there were two different flavours.
  • Squeez it – I used to HATE opening these. It was never as easy as you think they meant it to be. I didn’t think they tasted that good either. They didn’t seem to contain much.
  • Push Pops – I loved these! So many flavours. It was great that you could put then lid on and save it for later too.
  • Capri Sun – These were so good. I used to like the Blackcurrent one. Anyone else think the straw was ridiculously thin?
  • Gob stoppers – These were the small ones, but I remember the proper big ones, that look like something Lush produce for your bath! They really did last a long time though, but once you started, there was nowhere to keep it.. it being sticky!
  • Sherbet Fountain – Packaging has changed, but there still good! I was never a licorice fan, but I loved the sherbet! 
  • Ez Squirt Ketchup – Oh I giggled when I found this! What were people thinking to think of turning ‘red’ tomato sauce green! There was a purple one too?..

So these are foods/sweets I remember, What do you remember?..

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