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#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Toys and Games

In part 3 of my #throwbackthursday 90’s series, I bring you, Toys and Games..

There were plenty more I remembered and found, but these are some of my favourites.. Enjoy.

  • Furby – I never actually owned one of these and I’m kind of glad. I actually find them quite scary.. But I remember really wanting one as they were such a trend. I remember at a Christmas there being reports of proper riots between parents in shops!.. Over a Furby!?!.. Mental. 
  • Dream Phone – Again, a game I never owned, but was a major thing as a young girl. What’s scary is looking at pictures of the ‘guys’ now.. 
  • In-Line skates – I was never a big skater, but always wanted to be. Especially after watching Mighty Ducks, it always used to spur me on to go outside!
  • Fashion Wheel – I loved my Fashion Wheel. It was probably one of my favourite toys as a girl. 
  • Mr Frosty – Santa let me down year after year with one of these.. that is until my 18 birthday when ‘he’ finally delivered my wish! 
  • Tamagotchi – I had many of these. I think more so because my mum used to buy me them from the local Sunday Market, so It wasn’t me ‘not feeding’ my ‘pet’, I blame the cheap manufacturing! ha! A very addictive little toy though and along with the Furby, one that’s making a comeback. 
  • Polly Pocket – Actually fit in your pocket! I totally get the health and safety.. can’t say I ever swallowed Polly or her friends, but hey ho. I used to love mine and had an amazing collection. 
  • Tiger Handheld Games – I had the Aladdin one and my friend the Little Mermaid one. I remember my mum even getting involved in helping me reach the next level!
  • Trolls – Another toy that has the scare factor. But, I had a decent collection. In all different sizes, colours and outfits. 
  • ty toys – I admit I still have 4 in babies room. Mainly limited edition ones. 
  • Pogs – Oh the simplicity. I can’t remember the point of them.. just that you needed to be collecting them at school to be ‘cool’. 
  • Cupcake Dolls – Another toy I didn’t own, but used to play with at friends houses. Unfold the doll from the rubber cupcake case and it turns into her skirt.. Simple. 
  • Dear Diary – Anyone remember the buttons being ridiculously small!? I can’t remember what I used to write on/in mine.. probs my love for Take That.. 
  • My Little Pony – I loved playing My Little Pony. It was on par with Barbie for me. 

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  • Emma Something

    I remeber all of these two!! Pogs were to be played! You had a pile of them and then a "kini" (not sure if that's quite right!!) that you had to kinda flick at the pile, any that turned over were yours to keep! I loved pogs!!

  • New Girl in Toon

    Dream Phone! My little sister had it and we used to spend hours playing with it, it was silly and cheesy even back then!

    My Mum wouldn't let me have a Mr Frosty either 🙁 Simon was going to buy me one for Christmas last year, until he realised how stupidly expensive it was and how it was maybe a little too much money for a "joke" present 🙁


    • Caroline

      haha, glad it wasn't just my mum then! :p though after she did buy me one, she loved playing with it too!lol Aw, yes, they are slightly over priced for what they are.. x

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