#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Toys and Games

In part 3 of my #throwbackthursday 90’s series, I bring you, Toys and Games..

There were plenty more I remembered and found, but these are some of my favourites.. Enjoy.

  • Furby – I never actually owned one of these and I’m kind of glad. I actually find them quite scary.. But I remember really wanting one as they were such a trend. I remember at a Christmas there being reports of proper riots between parents in shops!.. Over a Furby!?!.. Mental. 
  • Dream Phone – Again, a game I never owned, but was a major thing as a young girl. What’s scary is looking at pictures of the ‘guys’ now.. 
  • In-Line skates – I was never a big skater, but always wanted to be. Especially after watching Mighty Ducks, it always used to spur me on to go outside!
  • Fashion Wheel – I loved my Fashion Wheel. It was probably one of my favourite toys as a girl. 
  • Mr Frosty – Santa let me down year after year with one of these.. that is until my 18 birthday when ‘he’ finally delivered my wish! 
  • Tamagotchi – I had many of these. I think more so because my mum used to buy me them from the local Sunday Market, so It wasn’t me ‘not feeding’ my ‘pet’, I blame the cheap manufacturing! ha! A very addictive little toy though and along with the Furby, one that’s making a comeback. 
  • Polly Pocket – Actually fit in your pocket! I totally get the health and safety.. can’t say I ever swallowed Polly or her friends, but hey ho. I used to love mine and had an amazing collection. 
  • Tiger Handheld Games – I had the Aladdin one and my friend the Little Mermaid one. I remember my mum even getting involved in helping me reach the next level!
  • Trolls – Another toy that has the scare factor. But, I had a decent collection. In all different sizes, colours and outfits. 
  • ty toys – I admit I still have 4 in babies room. Mainly limited edition ones. 
  • Pogs – Oh the simplicity. I can’t remember the point of them.. just that you needed to be collecting them at school to be ‘cool’. 
  • Cupcake Dolls – Another toy I didn’t own, but used to play with at friends houses. Unfold the doll from the rubber cupcake case and it turns into her skirt.. Simple. 
  • Dear Diary – Anyone remember the buttons being ridiculously small!? I can’t remember what I used to write on/in mine.. probs my love for Take That.. 
  • My Little Pony – I loved playing My Little Pony. It was on par with Barbie for me. 

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  1. 20th March 2014 / 8:32 am

    Oh my god I remember all of these, also, when was Girl's World, the doll head that you could apply makeup to and do its hair? Was that 90s?

    • Caroline
      21st March 2014 / 8:11 pm

      Oh yes, girls world! I had one of those! The make up was so cheap and gooey.. :/ x

  2. 20th March 2014 / 12:24 pm

    I remeber all of these two!! Pogs were to be played! You had a pile of them and then a "kini" (not sure if that's quite right!!) that you had to kinda flick at the pile, any that turned over were yours to keep! I loved pogs!!

    • Caroline
      21st March 2014 / 8:12 pm

      Ah yes, that rings a bell.. oh the simplicity.lol x

  3. New Girl in Toon
    20th March 2014 / 8:33 pm

    Dream Phone! My little sister had it and we used to spend hours playing with it, it was silly and cheesy even back then!

    My Mum wouldn't let me have a Mr Frosty either 🙁 Simon was going to buy me one for Christmas last year, until he realised how stupidly expensive it was and how it was maybe a little too much money for a "joke" present 🙁


    • Caroline
      21st March 2014 / 8:13 pm

      haha, glad it wasn't just my mum then! :p though after she did buy me one, she loved playing with it too!lol Aw, yes, they are slightly over priced for what they are.. x

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