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Chatty Feet, The Home Of Funny Socks – Ad

16th April 2014crelgey

Chatty feet.

We’ve all either taken part or watched a hand puppet show. Well, there’s a new type of puppet show in town and it doesn’t involve taking your socks off and put them on your hands.

I introduce to you CHATTY FEET.

A simple, fun and effective way of jazzing up those tootsies. Each pair of socks has its own name. From Prof Brian Sox, with his trademark haircut, to Brad Feet, with his Ken like features.
But the fun comes, once on your feet, bringing them alive with their own voice and personality.

Chatty Feet socks are produced in Portugal by some very interesting, artistic designers, you can see that they’ve put their own personalities and characters into the socks.

It’s a brilliant concept, even more so that their collection not only consists of big kid (adult) socks but also children’s. Storytime and imaginative play just got interesting!

Chatty Feet Adult & Kid Socks in Brad Feet*


I’ve loved wearing these socks. They actually make me chuckle to myself every time I look at my feet.
My little boy is still at that phase, if you ever grow out of it, of not wanting anything on his feet, socks or shoes.. but, he’s had fun watching mine.

For big kids or little kids, I challenge you to not find a pair of socks in the collection that you love.
Plus, they offer FREE delivery and at the moments there’s 15% of Collections.


Find it: Website: CHATTY FEET Twitter: @ChattyFeet Facebook: Chattyfeet Socks

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