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#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Fashion

90s fashion

It’s amazing how may of these trends have come back around! Some I’ll be staying away from though..

Here we are:

  • Neon colours – I can’t say I remember dressing in top to toe neon, but it was present in a lot of designs/on clothing. For me, it said more about the ‘clubbers’, then general public..
  • Double Denim – B*witched were the leaders in this trend for a many years. I know I followed suit, wearing dark (ill fitting) denim jeans and a (ill fitting/oversized) denim jacket.. oh.my.days.
  • White Slouch Socks worn over Leggings – Leggings yes, then and now.. with slouch socks.. never. This wasn’t a trend I followed, I think it came in from the 80’s with Fame..
  • Leotards worn as a top – Leotards or bodysuits? I remember wearing bodysuits.. no not just as a baby.ha! I had them in a range of colours. They went well with my double denim.. throw in some srunchies and that was my look!
  • Shell Suits – Oh how these were fashionable.. I had 2 that I remember. A purple and a green one. That was probably one too many, but it happened. Not practical in the wet or sun, I may add.
  • Trousers with a skirt over the top – This was a trend a remember in my secondary school years. I remember buying a couple of them from Mark One. They looked like you were a waitress with a apron..
  • Crop Tops – I owned some of these as a child.. but I run away from them now as an adult. My belly is not one I wish to show. I remember having a really cute flowered one that went with a leggings under a skirt set..
  • Jelly Shoes – Again, I remember and owned some of these, but didn’t find them comfy. They quite annoyed me when they were wet.. my feet used to squish and move around in them..
  • Tartan Skirts – I don’t remember having one.. though, after watching Clueless, I wanted one.. well, lots. But, It wasn’t really a trend that I thought I could pull off, no matter how many times I said ‘whateverrrr’
  • Brands – naff naff, kappa, ck – I had quite a few branded items.. I had a naff naff fleece, a kappa coat etc.. It was either cheaper back then, or mine was from the market.. probably the latter.ha!

Are there any trends you remember? Are you reliving any of the above at the moment or plan to?

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  • New Girl in Toon

    I find it so so funny how so much of the fashion has come back although it definitely makes us officially old :s

    OMG the trousers with the skirt over the top, they were SO awful! I remember it wasn't a trend that stuck around for very long either … who the hell came up with it?!

    Love that jelly shoes are back, I kinda want some but at the same time have to remind myself I'm 33 so they're not really going to work 🙁 x

    • Caroline

      haha I know.. Though still cringe at some of them even more they're 'revised'!
      Jelly shoes I'm sure could work for anyone.. as long as you don;t go for neon yellow! 😉 xx

  • Lisa S

    I remember wearing a shellsuit and being terrified to stand too close to anyone smoking in case I went up in a blue flame! 🙂 x

    • Caroline

      hahaha! You make a very good point.. one I'm sure was never thought of back then!
      Shows what health and safety was like back then.. Non of these quick claims!lol xx

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