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#throwbackthursday: The 90’s: Technology

I remember the 90’s being full of new, ‘out of this world’ like technology. Things we may roll our eyes at now and products that have since evolved into newer and better versions.

  • Gameboy – Oh how I always wanted a Gameboy! Along with Mr Frosty, this was another item Santa denied me, but I got in my later years. 
  • Furby – Along with every other kid at the time, I wanted a Furby.. but not the degree of expecting my parents to go awal in Toys R Us late at night to get one! I remember watching it on the news, parents running around shops like Supermarket Sweep, fighting and grabbing!
  • Walky Talky – The concept was great. 
  • Walkman – Oh I loved my Walkman! Being from a music loving family, I loved that I could listen to my preferred teeny bopper tunes in journeys than Radio 2 or mums mix tape! And then the release of the CD Walkman, wow!
  • Tamagotchi – Mentioned in my Toys & Games post.
  • Casio Digital Diary – I remember having some version of one of these, that you had a password that you had to enter. I don’t remember what I used it for, probably just the point of having one.
  • Sony Playstation 1 – Another toy Santa/my parents denied me! I used to love going to friends houses and playing on theirs. Since being old enough, I’ve continued to buy Playstation’s. I’ve had 2,3 and recently 4. I love the designs and ease of use.
  • Talkboy – Made famous by Home Along, I believe! I wasn’t that fussed by this, but it was a cool gadget and did Macaulay Culkin well.
  • K’Nex Liked K Nex, preferred Lego. We were a house of Lego lovers. My mum more than anyone! K Nex seemed more fiddly. Though you could build much better things.
  • World Wide Web – What would we be doing without it? Weird to think it was brought to us in the 90’s. It seems so much longer ago.
  • Windows 95 – I remember and hated MS-DOS. This updated version changed everything. Some still prefer this operating system to newer versions. I’m still a Vista lover.
  • Encarta 95 – The be all and end all. if it wasn’t on Encarta it didn’t happen, wasn’t real. This baby helped me get through so many school essays!

Did you have any of these? What do you remember?

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  • New Girl in Toon

    I had a Gameboy and I used to cycle to the next village to play it with the boy I fancied 😀 Wasn't allowed a play station though so I always played it at friends. It's mad to think how far technology has come!


    • Caroline

      haha love it! yes, I think technology has become more and more of a 'big thing' over the years.. it's scary to think what's next!? x

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