Pink Lining Backpack Making Adventures Easier.

25th June 2014crelgey

Pink Lining. 

Becoming a mummy opens up a whole new ball game to fashion, brands and companies. There are certain ones that you’ll soon come accustomed to seeing fellow mummies wearing/using. Pink Lining is definitely one of those brands.

From changing bags, rucksacks, bottle warmers, to the newly launched PL Child range. They have literally everything covered and in any size, colour, print, and purpose you can think of! It really is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to be that ‘yummy (organised & fashionable) mummy’.

I love and want everything on their website. I currently own 3 of their bags. Their surely best selling Yummy Mummy change bag, the mini Yummy Mummy bag and I recently added the Wanderlust Rucksack wise owl to the collection. Which is what I thought I tell you about.

pink lining

Why This Bag?

With warmer weather, a now walking baby and a baby bike seat, we’ve started venturing out in the big wide world. On the bike, on our feet and in our caravan. We’ve also been dragging the dog along too. But, with a baby, a dog and two adults to think about, my ‘spot on’ sized yummy mummy bag just wasn’t going to cut it as a family bag and especially didn’t work as a backpack! So I was a very happy mummy when I came across the Wanderlust.

The straps are thick and padded and the bag itself is split into sections, of which one actually folds out flat to act as a changing area. Plus it comes with the standard, padded change mat, which every pink lining bag has.

pink pining backpack


I love this and it’s great that the Pink Lining brand is expanding to cater for all change situations.

Their Pink Lining (PL) Child collection is ever-growing, with everything your little one would need. From rucksacks, to wash bags, PL Child has it all. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing my little one a number of items in the coming months!

What change bag do you have? Do you like the look of Pink Lining?


Find it: website


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  • Kloe Anya.

    25th June 2014 at 12:49 pm

    I don't even have a child but this rucksack looks amazing! I want one haha, it's so cute, I absolutely love the design!
    Kloe xx

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