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REVIEW: CC Creams: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

Clinique CC Cream

best CC Cream


When I tweeted that I was looking to try out some new CC Creams, this was recommended. Having not bought any make up products from Clinique before, I gave in to it’s ‘high end’ price tag and purchased it. With very high expectations I may add.

This product is very similar to that of the Bourjois. It does seem to even my colourings out and seems a good colour match, shade wise.

Personally, with having freckles, I struggle with shades for face products, as I always want to go darker to blend into my freckles, rather than my actual skin tone. 

However, unlike the Bourjois, that sat very matte like on the face, this felt and looked dewy. Which is what I prefer.

I love that this product has SPF 30 included. Which is always helpful, especially for a freckly paley like me that very much rocks the lobster look after being in the sun!

I wouldn’t say I was ‘wow’d’ by this product and at £28 it is quite a stretch in the pocket, especially with, in my eyes, it being a similar product to the Bourjois one.

I am liking CC Creams, they’re such a quick and easy alternative to foundation and a full face of make up. 

I’ll be starting a new series soon, trying and testing some BB Creams. If there are any you think I should try, or that I may like, please let me know.

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