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EVENT: Simply Health.. Friends Movie Night

When an email titled ‘Blogger Event: The One Where They Watch Friends’ dropped in my inbox, I said to myself “Friends as in Friends Friends?” and yes, I was correct in thinking they meant Friends as in Friends Friends.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the final episode of Friends airing, yes, you read that right. 10 whole years have passed by and we’ve watching repeats for that long!

SIMPLY HEALTH decided to host a two evenings celebrating this milestone by privately screening the first four episodes of Friends at EVERYMAN CINEMA in Leeds Trinity, in conjunction with their #shhealthysmile campaign. Their campaign was to promote not only a healthier lifestyle, but a happier one. You can read about this HERE. With this in mind, the invite was stretched to include a plus one to enjoy the evening with.

I knew exactly who invite. My friend Alexene, (who is a newbie blogger HERE) is an (old) school friend. We used to enjoy watching Friends on a Friday evening and with her living in Leeds now, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up.

It was great re watching some of the earlier episodes. Series one is my favourite. A twitter competition ran throughout the evening to win an official Friends travel mug by tweeting your favourite Friends quote. Mine was from ‘The One Where Noones Ready’, where Joey says “.. I better not do any.. you know.. lunges!” This is one of my favourite episodes and makes me giggle just thinking about it. Alexene had loads! And tweeted like a maniac.. but sadly didn’t win.

It was a lovely evening had by all. The ladies who ran/held the event were very friendly and engaging.

Many thanks again for the invite and for making us smile!

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