MOTM: July – Race For Life 2014

In addition to my monthly ‘Things Caroline Loved..’ series, I thought I’d add in a ‘Moment Of The Month’ post.
This can/could be anything that has been achieved by me or my family, or something that stood out as a happy time to remember.

So to start things off.. The MOTM for July is ‘Race For Life’. Raising awareness of cancer in all its forms and raising money to CANCER RESEARCH to help with the development of life saving and changing treatments to help beat it!

For anyone that knows me personally will know that this charity and this family breaking ‘thing’ is a subject very close to my heart and family. To catch everyone else up, I lost my mum to lung cancer in 2012.

When the Bootcamp I’m part of announced that they were taking part in this years ‘Race For Life’ and anyone who was interested could join, I signed up straight away! The last one I did was a year before my mum passed away and I walked it.. with my dog.. So, to show how far I’d come, after losing her and having a baby, I knew I had to run it this year. I had to.

That I did. It was the furthest I’d ever ran, ever. I wouldn’t say it was easy, even with my fitness getting better, I was glad to see the finish line and completed the 3 miles in 30 minutes. There were times I wanted to stop, but I think after talking myself out of it and the amount of people watching, I didn’t want to seem weak!

I’m so happy and proud to say I’ve done it. Plus doing it as part of my new #fitfamily was amazing. Everyone is so motivational.

So here’s to next year and my 28 minutes target!

team sniper race for life 2014

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