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LIFE: A Year Of Sniper Bootcamps

This month marks a year in Sniper Bootcamps. You can read my original post HERE. Had I known that I’d be writing a follow up post or how much of a lifestyle change there would be I would have taken my weight and measurements.

Sniper Bootcamp T Shirts

(my t shirt collection..)

I’m 100% addicted to Bootcamp. I’m not going to lie.
I can’t say exactly one reason as to why, there’s just so many. Of course when I started this journey last September it was for weight-loss. But at that time, I don’t think me or Sniper themselves anticipated how much of an impact on people it would have and how much of a ‘community’ we’d become. Plus that ‘Sniper Bootcamps’ would be more than a name, it’s become a brand.

Sniper Fitness Bootcamps began in May 2013 with one AM session and 3 Drill Sergeants, (DS’s) who are also the CEO’s. At the point of it’s first birthday, they had increased their sessions to two AM, one PM, one Buggy and an SAS group. With extra sessions they also took on board a new DS.
They have also expanded to near by Beverley. With two DS’s running a PM and Buggy Bootcamp and I’m sure their takeover won’t stop there.
At the end of June this year, Sniper Fitness took a new direction by teaming up with a local school during their Activity Week, by running a couple of sessions with willing children during their holidays. It was a huge success, with Sniper being invited back in the summer holidays to run more sessions. The sessions weren’t just outdoor activity based, there was also question and answer sessions and fun class room activities on healthy eating. They were also provided with their very on ‘battle cry’ t shirt.

As I mentioned, I’ve become very much part of the Sniper #fitfamily. Although there are 4 different groups and we all range in age, fitness ability and male or female, when it comes to supporting each other, we’re very much ‘as one’. We also share a love and passion for Sniper brand. This can be seen in the number of extra curricular activities that Sniper and it’s followers have participated in in just 12 months:

  • Scarborough New Year Dip
  • Scarborough Sport Relief Mile
  • Atlantic Row Challenge with RNLI
  • Scarborough ‘It’s A Knock Out’
  • Scarborough Race For Life
  • Hull Race For Life
  • Scarborough Dragon Boat Race
  • Tough Mudder
  • Run Or Dye

I’ve proudly taken part in two of the above activities and loved every minute of it, I look forward to being part of more throughout 2015 and with three more activities in the pipeline to do by the end of 2013, I know it’ll be nothing more than a success. 

As always, you can be given all the help, tools, motivation in the world, but only you can actually make a change. I’m grateful to Sniper Fitness for all of the above and more and for giving me my life back when it could of quite easily gone wrong. I’m not only changing my life I’m helping give my little boy the best start in his life, with eating well and having an active mummy to play with, oh and also helping me look my best for my wedding at the end of this year!

Although my weight-loss journey is at an end, my new goals are for staying trim and getting toned.

UPDATE: – If you’re in the York area, keep your eyes open for Sniper Bootcamps appearing soon!

Website: Sniper Fitness

Facebook: SniperFitnessBootcamps

Twitter: @sniperbootcamps / @Sniper_Fitness

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  • New Girl in Toon

    This is so awesome! I think I will forever be too scared to do group exercising. So so many bad memories of being the overweight and very unsporty kid in PE lessons .. always being picked last, letting my team down cos I couldn't catch, run or throw, not being able to keep up with others .. I just think itd all come back to haunt me if I ever involved other people in my exercise routine. That's probably just me being a wuss!


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