Let There Be Crumbs, Sunderland.

2nd October 2014crelgey

A blogger’s ‘cake club’ lead us here, LET THERE BE CRUMBS , Sunderland. Although my Sat Nav wanted to take me somewhere else, I eventually found it, situated right on the seafront, attached to a Best Western hotel. If it hadn’t been a windy sad day, I’d of said it was a perfect location.


Let There Be Crumbs.

I was the first of our group to arrive. Thankfully being booked in, our table waiting for us, so after reading my way through the menu, I indulged in some photo-taking while the place was quiet. It’s hard to explain the decor, the best I can say is that it is modern and homely.

let there be crumbs sunderland

My sweet tooth always overrules my savoury taste buds, so although I entered with the thought of having Afternoon Tea, upon reading the menu and then viewing the cakes in the display cabinet that ALL looked so good, the thought of sandwiches didn’t appeal any more and I decided to go for Cream Tea, with a Milk Chocolate Millionaire Shortbread on the side. However, not a complaint, but it turned out I hadn’t read the menu as thoroughly as I thought and that the Cream Tea actually came with two scones. A fruit one and a cheese one. Winner. And both equally delish.

let there be crumbs sunderland

cakes at lets there be crumbs sunderland

The only let down to our visit to Let There Be Crumbs was the service. There were numerous times when we felt invisible, there was an order mix up, two cake orders forgotten about and only being given two teapots between 5 of us. We came for the tea. Don’t deny us it.

However, our visit was a positive one. We all had a lovely time and the cakes are amazing. I’d definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area. It’s a shame that it was a typical British weather day, grey and overcast, had it been a nicer day then the location would have been perfect to take a walk along the front.


Find it: W:Let There Be Crumbs F:Let There Be Crumbs


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  • New Girl in Toon

    2nd October 2014 at 6:54 am

    Oooooooooh I like the idea of renaming Cake Club, "Chloe's Cake Club" .. makes me sound all important 😀 Cake Club is fun to organise cos it doesn't matter who shows and who doesn't and I don't have to source goodie bags. It's a joy!

    Love your photos! Makes me excited to get my hands on my grownup camera at last, they look so much better than mine!

    Thanks so much for coming 😀

    Chloe x

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