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LIFE: Let There Be Crumbs, Sunderland

For a lady that confessed that she’d never be able to organise a meet, she doesn’t have the time and doesn’t want the responsibility, but was quite happy to make suggestions to others as to where to go.. it was only a matter of time to when the tables turned.. and they did.

For now what’s to be called Chloe’s Cake Club, round 1 was held at The Vintage Powder Room and Tea Shop in Whitley Bay. You can read Chloe’s review of the day HERE as I was unable to attend. Having missed that Cake date I was sure as hell not missing this one.

I wasn’t disappointed, with round 2 taking place at LET THERE BE CRUMBS in Sunderland. Although my Sat Nav wanted to take me somewhere else, I eventually found it, situated right on the seafront, attached to a Best Western hotel. If it hadn’t been a windy sad day, I’d of said it was a perfect location.

Chloe had efficiently booked us in, so a table lay waiting for us. Being first to arrive, I happily read my may through the menu, plus quietly snapping away on my camera. The place had a real modern but homely feel to it and no length of time helped me decided what to sample from the small, yet satisfyingly sized menu. Even once everyone else arrived and we decided to check out the cakes in the glass displays only made the choice harder! Everything looked amazing.

My sweet tooth always over rules my savoury taste buds, so although I entered with the thought of having Afternoon Tea, upon reading the menu and then viewing the cakes on offer, the thought of sandwiches didn’t appeal to me any more and I decided to go for Cream Tea, with a Milk Chocolate Millionaire Shortbread on the side. Though, I felt less enthusiastic about my choice after ordering, as I realised that I hadn’t possibly read the menu as effectively as i should of and that scone was actually scones. This being that Cream Tea came with not only a fruit scone, but also a cheese scone! This was a lovely thought, had I not of set my sights on the Millionaire Shortbread. But I went with it.

The only let down to LTBC was the service. When I entered I was greeted by a board which told me to wait to be seated. So that I did.. for approx 5 minutes, until I eventually caught the eye of a waitress. I was shown to our booked table, where I sat for another 5 minutes and the lady returned to ask if I wanted to order a drink whilst waiting, which I thought was nice, but said I’d wait till everyone else arrived.
It was pretty quiet, with other customers at this point, but from 2pm onwards it soon filled.
We were left a waiting a while to order once everyone had arrived and the length of time between ordering and getting just our drinks was a little lengthy. I was parched and thought I should of really taken them up on the early on request of asking if I wanted to order a drink!
Our order became a little messed up, with two people ordering different types of cheesecake and then being told one had ran out, then Chloe changing her order. To then there only being two tea pots between 5 of us and two cake orders being forgotten about. It may of been cake club, but the major concern that that there just wasn’t enough tea for us all.. True brits if ever we were.

It’s a shame that it was a typical British weather day. Falsely starting with sunshine, then turning into wind and rain. Had it been a nicer day then the location would of been perfect to take a walk along the front.
Even with the poor service, LTBC is slightly forgiven as the place itself, food and cakes are way to yummy.
I’d definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area.

W:Let There Be Crumbs
F:Let There Be Crumbs

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  • New Girl in Toon

    Oooooooooh I like the idea of renaming Cake Club, "Chloe's Cake Club" .. makes me sound all important 😀 Cake Club is fun to organise cos it doesn't matter who shows and who doesn't and I don't have to source goodie bags. It's a joy!

    Love your photos! Makes me excited to get my hands on my grownup camera at last, they look so much better than mine!

    Thanks so much for coming 😀

    Chloe x

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