MOTM: September

You may remember me reporting to you a couple of MOTM’s back about my journey to obtain a qualification in maths and hopes of starting college/studying, towards being a classroom assistant/teaching assistant..

Well, I took my City and Guilds Level 1 exam in Maths last week and can happily say that I passed! Not with the highest percentage I’d of liked, but it was a pass and a pass is all that matters. Although I knew I would be taking my exam that week, I hadn’t expected to walk into the college on Monday evening at 7pm, yes, 7pm at night, to then be sitting the exam. At 7pm on an evening the only thing my brain needs to engage to do is put the right milk in my little boys bottle and safely take him to bed, then I go into shut down! (so this is what I’m blaming my percentage on!).

My teacher has since asked if I wish to continue and head towards taking my Level 2 exam.. but, I swiftly declined! I may of found a new confidence/lease of life with Maths, but I know not to run before I can walk and to be honest, walking is fine by me.

I have actually really liked going to the college as an ‘adult’ and am very thankful and grateful to the helpful staff that run the ‘adult learning’ courses. If I need to, down the line, I wouldn’t hesitate returning to do my English qualifications.

Now, on a sadder note, the teaching assistant course I had been set to start this month has actually been cancelled. Due to not enough students enrolling. It was always a possibility, especially with adult learning, as some course fees are extortionate and some people just don’t think about re training/learning. There was another, similar, course available, but it consisted of more hours within a school, a bit like an aprentiship. Where as the course I had chosen was one evening classroom work, then 1-2 hours a week minimum in a school. I chose this course due to it being easier to sort childcare for the 1-2 hours a week, as at the moment, my little boy isn’t due to start pre school till his 2nd birthday in March. 

So, I’ve decided to put my learning on hold for this year and once I have a start date for my little boy at pre school, I’ll enroll again onto this other teaching assistant course and get going.  

I’m still hoping/trying to get a placement in a local school for 1-2 hours a week now, as the experience will help me.

Down and resting, but not out. 🙂

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  • Cate

    Well done, it's awesome that you achieved the first step towards your goal! Bad luck about the next course being cancelled but hopefully you'll be back on track soon! x

  • Laura Teaseflutterpout

    Congrats hun! thats amazing news!!! its rubbish about the course getting cancelled but I'm sure you'll find something similar next year xxxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

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