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TODDLER: What’s in a toddlers A/W Wardrobe

With the darker nights drawing in and the heating starting to be used, so too comes a change in clothes.
I recently changed things around in my own wardrobe, ready for the impending winter, so thought I’d share the staple items in my little boys A/W wardrobe.

JUMPERS are a necessity. They don’t have to be too thick, as they can be layered, with a bodysuit, t shirt or shirt underneath.

This first jumper is from a GAP Outlet store. I love it, as it has their teddy logo and is a lovely navy blue colour, but the back is a gold colour that matches the logo.

This skull jumper is actually from my local NUTMEG clothes department of Morrisons. He’s quite into Jake And The Neverland Pirates programme on Disney Junior at the moment, so thought he’d appreciate this jumper. It’s a good size and just the right thickness.

LONG SLEEVED TOPS are great as they can be layered under jumpers, worn as a layer with a bodysuit underneath or with a gilet.

I’ve bought a few of these ‘prince charming’/’Grandad’ style tops. I love the shape and style of the collar. This is one of my favourites and is from Next. The maroon of the collar detail fits in well with A/W.

ALL IN ONES are a must, especially for lazy Sundays or long distance trips. Or as my friend uses them for, after swimming. Instead of faffing with trying to get them into an awkward outfit, they’re so quick and easy.

 This ’82’ one was bought at last years Next Boxing Dale sale. I love Next’s, as they’re thick enough to wear outside, especially with the hood and pockets. I have two all in ones in his wardrobe.

JEANS. Very much a staple in any little boys wardrobe, however, he’s very much like his mum with his collection of jeans. They come in so many different colours and styles, you can’t help but have a few.

The above jeans are from a Next Outlet store. A lot of his jeans have been blue, but with coming into A/W, I felt he needed some grey and or black ones. This style, with the turn ups are my favourite. Especially thoese that have a pattern on the turn up. These are quite a baggy/loose fit. However you can get jeans in slim/skinny fit also.

JOGGERS, another lazy Sunday staple. Joggers have been in my little boys wardrobe from day 1. Similar  to all in ones, they’re just so comfortable and easy.

These grey ones are part of a set of two and come with a black pair also from Next. I love the little skull detail on the pocket area. I think for two, they’re really reasonably priced too.

SMART TROUSERS. Always needed for parties/christenings. My favourite are ones with braces. He looks so cute and like a proper little boy.

Coming into the Christmas party season, I thought these on trend maroon coloured chino trousers were spot on. Again, with turn ups and a cute, reto looking set of braces.

JACKETS/COATS. Very much needed all year round, however like me, he probably has more than he can wear. Thick, warm, waterproof coats are a must for A/W, plus ones that can be layered with.

My little boy has had this jacket in two sizes, that I bought from the Debenham’s sale. It’s a great light weight jogger style jacket. I love the branding of the name down the arm and the big buttons mean that it’s easy to fasten. I have a pet hate of clothing with awkward/small buttons that even I can’t use!

I love this coat so much I also bought it in yellow for size 2-3 years. It’s a perfect style, with cuffed wrists to keep the wind/rain/snow out. Junior J really get a thumbs up from me. Although, prices can be a bit much, I generally pick most pieces up in the Debenham’s sales.

FOOTWEAR. If you watched my YT video a while ago, you’ll know, I have a shoe obsession for my little boy. There’s so many amazing shoes out there! Plus you have to be prepared for every eventuality. Smart, casual, winter, playing out, smart-casual, the list goes on..

So this is a short collection of what we currently have. These Deck Flex shoes from Clarks are a perfect smart shoe. The Nike trainers are from a Nike Outlet store, which is fast becoming my go to for trainers, brilliantly priced! The 3 strap boots on the end are perfect winter boots, at £10 I don’t mind needing to replace them. I don’t tend to buy much from George/Asda, so we’ll see how these go.

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