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I recently read a lovely post by Abbey at The Girl Who Wears A Bow Tie called, ‘My Top 5 Christmas Traditions‘. You can read it HERE.
Reading it through it and seeing her pictures got me thinking about my own Christmas happenings and doings. Things I’ve grown up with since a child, plus new ones that we have introduced for our son to enjoy, so enjoy as I share mine below..

Boyes Christmas Window – 
Boyes is a local bargain department store that was originally founded in the town and now spreads 40 stores across 5 counties. It’s window display to us locals, is like Fenwicks to Newcastle and Hamleys or Harrods to Londeners.

Santa’s Arrival on a boat –
Yes, you read it right, Santa=Boat. We live on the coast, we’re a fishing town, it’s the only way to do it! Once arrive don his boat, waving at all the children (and adults!), he is escorted on his sleigh(trailer) with his Elves to his residence in Boyes for the month before Christmas. Here you can visit him, have your photo taken with him and receive a small gift too.

Christmas Cards – 
Some people say they don’t bother with Christmas cards. I on the other hand love them. We may be in a technical age where actually writing and not typing is more the thing to do, to I love writing cards. Very much like birthdays, I love receiving a card. It says you’re being thought of and I always make the effort to send cards. Especially to family members we don’t see much of and especially those abroad. 

The Elf On The Shelf – 
This is a new concept for us. If it was around when I was a child my parents never introduced it, but since becoming a parent myself and the joys of the internet and google, this was brought to my attention last year, but with our son only being 6 months old, we thought we’d wait till this year and I can’t wait for ‘Elf’ to come stay with us! This is one tradition that may be for the children, but definitely brings out the inner child in the adults too.

Christmas Decor – 
’12 days before, 12 days after’. Is the general rule of thumb. However, in our modern world, with Christmas in shops starting the day after or even before Halloween, it seems many of us just can’t hold out until 12 days before. 
My birthday is 10 days before Christmas Day. So growing up, my parents didn’t used to put any Christmas decorations up until the day after my birthday, so my birthday was seperate and I could have birthday decorations. However, as I’ve got older, I’ve become more excited about Christmas than my birthday, so they have been going up closer and closer to the 1st December. Which makes sense in a logical way, as then you can enjoy them for longer!

Christmas Bedding – 
Another new thing. I remember last year seeing, what seemed to be, every Blogger owning a certain Primark Christmas duvet set and if it wasn’t owned, it was on everyone elses ‘wish list’. I never jumped on that particular bandwagon, but this year, I decided that we should have a Christmas themed bed set (picture above) and not just for our room, but the spare room for our guests too. Our spare room has a white/grey/black colour theme, so I chose a simple check design set from Matalan that can be used all year round. Ours is in white and grey, but you can buy the red one.

Children’s Christmas Eve Box – 
Again, not a tradition my parents followed, but one that we have started with our own son. I love the concept of giving them a ‘present’ to open the day before Santa comes and wearing new/fresh pj’s to bed. We’ve kept the box contents simple, with new clean pj’s, some chocolate coins, a Christmas DVD, a cuddly toy and a book for bed time. 

Stocking and contents – 
As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a stocking at the end of my bed. Even into my twenties! My mum loved Christmas. At the end/bottom of my stocking there was always an orange and an apple. I can’t say I’ve introduced this to our son yet, but I think I should once a little older. 
My stocking also used to contain chocolate coins, maybe a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and  some socks, generally the smaller presents. 

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges – 
Another one from my mum. She and my uncle LOVED these. You used to get at least two from my parents/Santa and one from my uncle (still do now). Over recent years they’ve also started introducing more flavours/variations to the staple ‘milk’ flavoured one, with the likes of ‘white’ chocolate snowball and ‘exploding candy’. I still wrap them myself for friends and family and will continue to.

Christmas Day Bacon Sandwiches – 
I’m sure this isn’t just a tradition of my household, but, with having our Christmas dinner inbetween lunch and tea time, we enjoy a bacon sandwich of two for 11’is. Between this time and having been up since 5-6am, we mostly run on tea and coffee.. and the odd chocolate coin!..

Christmas Jumper – 
One I’m sure the whole world joins in on. The traditional Christmas jumper. I personally own around 5.. That I wear throughout December. My partner owns 1 jumper and a t shirt and our boy, well, he gets new outfits every year as is forever growing!

Family Picture – 
This is one we started last year. With having our own family now, we decided we wanted to capture a family picture each year, including the dog AND of us all wearing our Christmas jumpers!

Dog’s Christmas Outfit – 
Our dog is 6 years old and for at least the last 3 I;ve bought her something Christmas outfit like to wear for her annual picture near the tree. The first year was just a simple bandana that looped round her collar. The nexr year was a scarf. Last year I bought her a jumper with a reindeer on it and this year, I’ve bought her an actual reindeer outfit. (look out for a picture of her in it on instagram!)

Family Christmas Dinner – 
We don’t have a big family, it’s generally just the 3 of us and the dog. My uncle has always joined my parents for Christmas, for as long as I can remember and has joined my partner and I for the last 2. We don’t have turkey every year either, we like to change. Last year we did, so we’re thinking possibly steak this year. But there will be pigs in blankets what ever we decide to have, that’s for sure!

What traditions do you have or special family things you do each year? Do you do any different ones to mine? I’d love to know.

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  1. 11th December 2014 / 11:31 pm

    Chocolate oranges are totally associated with Christmas in my head! The bacon sandwiches is definitely a tradition I'd like to implement!

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