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CHRISTMAS – What isn’t there to love about Christmas. I love the decoration, the hosting, the eating, the presents (giving and receiving!) and family time. My partner was lucky enough again to have Christmas week off work, so we booked a few trips out, locally but generally, just enjoyed all being together. 

WEDDING – Our wedding date was 13th December 2014. Since getting engaged, I’d always liked the idea of a winter wedding. December is a brilliant month anyways, with my birthday and Christmas, but then having a wedding anniversary just makes it even better and hopefully, harder for my partner to forget! We had a great day with our friends and family. Even if we were all cursing standing in the cold having our photos taken for what seemed like forever!
I’ll have a short post going up soon about parts of my wedding.

BIRTHDAY – My birthday falls 10 days before Christmas. Which I’ve always had a love/hate relationship about. I do feel for those with closer birthdays or even birthdays that fall ON Christmas Day. (read Kayleigh’s birthday story HERE) I had a lovely day though, quiet to say the least. But, I was spoilt. Spending the day with my little family, a months Bootcamp bought as a present, plus a lovely bracelet from my little boy. 

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