New Year. What’s To Come In 2015.

1st January 2015crelgey

Let’s evaluate. Looking back on last years post.

A desire to ‘up’ my clothing choices and styling. To step away from the ‘student’ and 20’s clothing that I still seem drawn to and not so much turn into a mummy dresser, but to be more mature about items of clothing and make a more capsule wardrobe. – This is something I’m still working on and to be honest, I will do for many more years. I think it’s also been that I have been losing baby weight so haven’t yet felt ‘happy’ in myself and my new shape, so dress how I would like. So I still opt for baggier/oversized choices.


Pay more attention to and think more about my dental hygiene. Now this, I have definitely exceeded. Not only have I found a dentist and made appointments, which have resulted in me having to have wisdom tooth removed, but it was giving me a lot of grief. But I also have started having work done privately. This is to do with closing my ‘Madonna’ gap at the front of my upper teeth. This is meaning that I have had fitted an Invisalign brace. I may do a post on it at a later date.


To 2015.


Personal I’d like to continue all my hard work from this last year, keeping fit and healthy and keep enjoying it. Keep fit.
Socially, I look forward to spending more time with friends. Our little people are turning two, so hoping we can arrange more nights out and ‘mummy time’ together.
One my mum would be happy to hear is that I need to read more. Not just ‘Heat’ on a weekly basis, more substantial material like biographies etc.
I’ve said this before on my blog and although I was getting somewhere, I feel I’ve gone back to ‘safe mummy mode’, but I would like my style to change. Just turn me into VB or Millie M, please.

notesfromcaroline The latter of 2014 has been brilliant. I’ve been invited to some lovely events and been able to work/write about some amazing brands and companies. I’d love for the whole of 2015 to be this way.
From a social aspect, I’d really like to attend as many blog meets as possible. I do enjoy meeting new people. But also seeing the ones I don’t see that often, especially my North East Cake Club ladies!
Photography is still a burning point. It’s something I mention a lot and although I am trying and do feel and see how it has developed, I don’t feel it’s up to scratch yet. I know my camera and I can do better! I could really do with attending a course. Someone to just give me hints and tips.


I would just like to thank each and every one of you that continue to read NFC and for your comments. It makes my ramblings so worthwhile and I look forward to seeing what 2015 has to offer us all.


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  • Ellie Adams

    1st January 2015 at 12:34 pm

    What a lovely post Caroline, I love these kinds of posts, they always allow you to feel like you get to know the blogger more. Just discovered your blog hun and I'm so glad I did. Will be following your journey throughout 2015 🙂 Happy new year!!


  • Kayleigh Lindstedt

    4th January 2015 at 9:18 pm

    Love your blog Caroline! We definitely need to see you more 😉 xx

    K xx

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