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REVIEW: Invisalign – My Smile.

A Smile Is Worth A Million Words’.

But to me, my smile has always left me feeling insecure. Over the years, it has been something that I have just learnt to accept about myself. However, it doesn’t mean I’ve grown to like my ‘gappy’ smile.

I’m aware the likes of Madonna, Georgia May Jagger, even the beautiful Ed Westwick rock their diastema, as it’s referred to. But it’s just my personal preference that I’m not keen on mine. 

After researching, I got in touch with THE HOSPITAL GROUP-LEEDS, who not only deal in cosmetic surgery and weight loss, but also dentistry. 
I booked a consultation to get a professional opinion on what my options were, if any. Having done research beforehand, I had already ‘diagnosed’ myself and read into what possible course of action I could take. 

THE HOSPITAL GROUP is a lovely place to visit. It’s clean, spacious and the staff are really friendly and accommodating. 
The consultation was basically that. The dentist checked over my teeth, also taking x-rays and asked about my dental history. After much conversation about what it was I disliked I was given two course of treatments.

Option 1 – Was to have Veneers fitted. This was something I’d already researched. My own logic being that they would go over my current teeth, hiding my gap and voila I’m Cheryl. This bubble was burst by the dentist pointing out that, if veneers were fitted, I’d possibly be left with a protruding top lip, due to trying to sit over veneers. Leaving me, possibly, looking a bit ‘horsey’. 
Option 2 – An INVISALIGN brace. These aligners are custom made. You wear a set for a two week period then change to the next set. Each set changes to help encourage your teeth to move to the desired position. The positive about this option is that, although you wear the brace for 22 hours of the day, only removing to eat and drink, it is see through. No one, unless really looking, would see you’re wearing it.

I decided, which the dentist agreed with, that INVISALIGN was the best treatment for me.

The first course of action was to have the frenector removed from between my top front teeth. This piece of gum was needed to be removed to be able to leave space for my gap to close. By not removing it, it basically would act like an elastic band, pushing my teeth back to where they are. It was a quick and easy procedure, though a little painful after the antibiotics had warn off. 

Next I was booked into have moulds taken of my teeth. These would then be sent away so that my aligners could be made. 

Whilst waiting or my aligners to arrive, I was sent an email with a 3D projection of my desired results. Which I thought was a great touch.

invisalign box invisalign aligners

Once arrived, an appointment was made for me to go in to fit them. I’ve worn teeth whitening ‘gum guards’ before, so it wasn’t a new concept, however, when I put the INVISALIGN aligners in, I felt the pressure straight away. They were a real snug fit. 

There is a course of four sets of aligners to wear, for two weeks a time. When onto my final set, a booking was made for me to return to THE HOSPITAL GROUP to check the progress and tighten them further.

I was given an information pack, which included a booklet on INVISALIGN, which basically explains the do’s and don’t’s of the aligners. Inside was also a handbag friendly aligners holding tub. Which comes in very handy.  

(both pictures show me with the aligners in)

I’ll be posting a review/results post, so keep an eye out for that.

The Hospital Group:

Website: The Hospital Group


Website: Invisalign

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Twitter: @invisalign_uk

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