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LIFE: Lately.

My first Sunday Summary of 2015.. I’m just putting this out there, but is it just me, or does it not sound really weird saying 2015. I’m sure many people were like that when we hit the year 2000, especially after ‘Pulps’ song and then the world, apparently, meant to be ending!.. But 2015.. Just, feels like we should be in some sort of futuristic, robot surrounded world..

Anyways, less of the Matrix/Back To The Future/Terminator talk and on with my Sunday Summary..

Happy New Year everyone! 

01 –  We’ve had another week of some quality family time. It’s always nice us having days off during the week and time for me to pass the baton and someone make me a cuppa for a change! :p Our little boy loves his daddy being home too. We do play, but I think there’s something quite magical and special about daddy play time. I love watching them both. 
He’s still suffering with a bit of a cold. Though hopefully, we’re coming to the end of it, again. He’s not had time or reason to feel or be poorly, as there’s just way too many toys to play with to keep him entertained! I have tidied our living room and moved some toys into the conservatory, that I think we should now call the play room.. So I kind of have my lounge back.. a little. 

02 – New Year brings new house jobs. Before you roll your eyes and say, your a woman, you’ve always got a list.. Yes, that may be true, but it was actually my partner that suggested that we get on with things and what he plans to do. Now, being a male, and although he idea, I know he will forget, so quite rightly, I will ask (bug) him to get started and advise (tell him) what needs to be done.
One of his first jobs is re painting the living room and dining room. I personally think our living room is ok, but the dining room deffo needs doing, as since our little boy started weening, over a year ago and then to recent months of feeding himself, our lovely magnolia walls are now, shall we say, artistically splattered with what looks to be blended carrot and also spaghetti sauce. 
First on my list though is to replace our interior doors. Well, replace the 5 doors that are still present and fit two doors that we (I) had removed. We got them removed as I felt it opened the house up. Plus we needed to fit baby gates etc. But now Having doors open and doors missing, especially the living room door being missing has made heating the house expensive and difficult. As we obviously spent 90% of our time in the living room and when cold and the heating gets put on, to warm us, it has to heat most of the ground level. Where as if there was a door, then the heat would stay in the one room for us and we’d thaw a lot easier. Obviously the doors I want are the most expensive, but, they are good quality. If were replacing, I’m upgrading, not like for like. I’m replacing for a reason. Our longstanding neighbour is also a retired carpenter and his ex working partner is still on the go, so is going to source and fit them for me. Happy days! Lovely cottage style oak doors here you come! 

03 – This week was meant to be my getting back into the healthy/fitness flow week before the start of Bootcamp next week.. I’d love to report that this was a success, but I’d be lying. It wasn’t a complete fail, my meals have been good. But I did find a Terry’s orange that needed a home.. And I also have any done one weight session this week and no running. I really am going to die on Monday morning! But it’s what I need. Once I’m back in the ‘zone’ I’ll be set. I start my kettle bell class again on the Tuesday too. Really looking forward to that. This year I want to be a woman that lifts. I know I already do this with shopping bags, but I mean more in the weights sense. 

04 – I have so many new blog posts lined up to publish to you. I’ve changed the layout a little and hopefully my content is a little more well written and more ‘me’. I’d really like my personality to come through, so, if all is well, please let me know, I’d love to hear back on what you think.

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  • Sheepishly Charlotte

    Urgh it's such a drag getting back into the fitness routine after Christmas! I'm trying to force myself out the door to go running but yoga is much more warm and appealing! Hope your Son gets better soon, my Niece has got tonsillitis but is still refusing to admit she is ill!

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