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LIFE: Lately.

Had a poorly little boy again this week. Return of the cold. Nothing like he’d had before. So we’ve had a week inside, just to try and keep it under control. He’s been fine in himself. Though he woke up after 2 hours sleep on Tuesday night coughing his guts up. So we ended up on the sofa for the night, with him eventually going to sleep at 12:30am Wednesday. He woke again at 4am, but went back off after 10/15 minutes. Thankfully he slept well for the rest of the week so I’ve been able to catch back up on my own sleep!

Our (my) list of house jobs is still at it stood 2 weeks ago.. un-started. But, we’ll get there. I’ve now been eyeing up having an electric garage door fitted. Our neighbour had one fit a few years ago, is such a brilliant idea. However, at present, our garage isn’t used for the purpose of housing our car, so we don’t really access the front door that often to actually make it worthwhile.. But, I’d still like one.
I’m still struggling, having issues with the amount of toys we have in our living room, even after evicting some to our conservatory. (fast becoming play room) I’m trying to find that balance between needs toys for the boy, but also keeping it an adult space.

With little boy having a restless night this week, my fitness hasn’t been great and I did miss one Bootcamp session this week. I have to admit, it is getting harder to go with cold cold bitter windy mornings. Getting up out of a lovely warm bed, to get dressed and go stand outside at 6am, just, well, it’s hard! But, I’m plodding through! I will not give in. Summer bodies are made in winter and all that jazz..
Finally took myself out for a run though. Was tough, I didn’t even do 3 miles and rewind 2 months I’d easily been doing 3 miles working up to 4! But, I’ve started now, so no stopping! 

I finished reading both Vicky and Holly from Geordie Shore’s biographies this week. They were both interesting reads. I only became a GS watcher within the last 2 series and became intrigued by Holly. I’ve always quite liked Vicky and do love her confidence and that fact that she’s actually more intelligent than people give her credit for and that really came across in the book. Though I loved Vicky’s book and really showed another side to her, plus, you have to love the girls brutal honesty. Holly on the other hand, who, even from only watching two series, kind of grated on me, I felt I disliked even more after reading her book. Which doubled after I downloaded the first series to watch, so the book made sense. I don’t for one second believe she’s a feminist, as she claims and she really is nothing but a spoilt, attention seeking little girl. Even at 21, I really disliked how she kept making reference to how many twitter followers she had at times, why is that relevant? Apart from to her to make her feel better about herself. 
I really hope Charlotte brings a book out soon too, as I would like to read her story. 


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