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TODDLER: Next sale buys

A 4:45am get up alarm. A cup of tea thrown down my neck. De-frosting the car at 5am with my ToysRUs points card cause I couldn’t find the scrapper. Going to McD’s drive thru at 5:15am to be told they’re not opening till 8am. Standing in a que with my friend at 5:25am outside the store with at least 20 people infront of us and god knows how many behind. Them opening and running up a flight of stairs like it was Bootcamp. Grabbing EVERYTHING in the required size like a crazy woman… It can only mean one thing…

It’s NEXT’s Boxing Day Sale!

Now yes, I had a VIP slot and used it. Yes, I could of sat in the warmth of my own home, on the sofa, in my pjs, with a brew and shopped at 7am. But.. I’ve done these before and never got what I wanted. So, over the last two years, needs must and this meant the above!

It was a winter wardrobe I was shopping for, for 2015 that is. Trousers were a must. The below are my favourite items I found.


The two jackets are my best finds. When I saw them hanging on the rail, I literally screeched like a little girl. I couldn’t believe they hadn’t been snapped up already. Though, by the time I was queing to pay, they had quite literally nearly all gone. I love the star on the elbow detail of the leather jacket. And I only wish I could get my little boy to wear sunglasses as him in them and that brown jacket would look so cute!

Did you get any bargains at the Next sale or any others?

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