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REVIEW: My Little Box – January & February

January – My Little Energy Box


I really can’t explain my monthly delight at receiving and opening these boxes. January’s box was right up my street and I’m sure many others for being ‘New Year, New You’ orientated. 

I know I always mention this, but, you can’t help but smile at love the illustrations and design on these boxes.

I love the practicality of this months gifts. The calander is laced with brilliant illustrations and motivational quotes to keep you going through the year. It’s also a great size to hang in an office space, plus there’s enough space per day to write birthdays etc.

The gym bag is  a great size for a towel and water bottle. I love the simple design, it’ll definitely come in handy.

The beauty gifts this month were a gorgeous deep/blood shade Nails Inc varnish in – . I actually already have a similar one to this, but sure it’ll get it use later in the year, as it has a A/W look about it. Next was MLB’s own energising mist. This I will definitely be putting in my gym bag for after training. It’ll be exactly what I’ll need after getting hot and sweaty. Lastly was a day moisturiser by a company called Talika. 

February – My Little Frenchie Box

I actually opened this box with no idea, apart from it’s name of what to expect. I know MLP had already done a Paris box, so was intrigued to see what was included in this one and I wasn’t disappointed. 

I can’t describe or even show the quality of the smartphone case. I’m shocked to receive such a great quality item. Without properly reading the bx I actually thought it was a passport holder to begin with.  The little jar full of notes is such a cute idea. I feel it’ll be best placed on my dresser and on morning or days that I don’t feel entirely enthusiastic, I’ll open one for self motivation.

Beauty gifts this month were a waterproof khol eye pencil by Terry. A Super Liner Brow Artisit Shaper by L’Oreal. Some oil blotting paper by DHC and finally, by MLP themselves, a complexion enhancer for glowing skin, which I’m very much looking forward to trying out!

I will continue to repeat monthly how much I recommend these boxes. They’re that great half and half of lifestyle and beauty, with such brilliant attention to detail and thought.

At only £11 a month, inc p&p, it’s a steal.

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