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LIFE: Lately.

01 – We seem to go from one extreme to another. I don’t feel like we’ve been at home much at all this week! But it’s been great getting out and about and seeing people.
We visited a pre-school for stay and play this week, where a friend takes her little girl one morning a week for pre-school. I thought it would be a good little group for my little boy to go to, plus my friend and I would be able to catch up. 
We also finally made it to our local pre-school that he will be attending soon, for a stay and play which was lovely. The ladies that run it are great and he really enjoyed himself and made a few friends, which was great to see.
I love living where we do, it means the groups are quite small and I know that when my little boy starts going for mornings etc in a couple of months that he’ll be well watched and looked after and not lost.

02 – Well our cloakroom in our home is still being used and the hallway is still clear of clutter. It also echos, how weird is that!?
I bought a couple bath towels from Asda this week, 100% Egyptian Cotton ones. You don’t realise how worn your towels are till you get some new ones! But I’ve put our old one sin the garage to use for decorating. I could do with ordering some new hand towels also.
I’m still living with a sample piece of wallpaper on my wall. I know we’re decided that we’re having it, but I like it as a reminder as to what it’ll look like and for colour schemes for new furnishings etc. Not that we actually need much, but I’m sure I’ll find something.. 

03 – I’m still off exercise for 2 more long weeks. I’m so itching to do something.. It feels awful wanting to do so much but not being able too. But I just need to keep focused and keep enthused and the weeks will fly by.. Hopefully.

04 – We took our neighbour, who is a surrogate grandparent and on hand babysitter out for lunch to a local farm’s tea room. It was yum yummy! Steak and onion baguette. I knew it was going to be nice as they have a butchers/farm shop where we regularly get our meat from.

05 – My first blog post about my town went up this week, HERE if you missed it. We really do have some amazing views. I look forward to showing you some more. 
More local blog posts are on the way..

06 – I’ve been at a JoeBlogs event today in Leeds, in collaboration with Currys. I can’t wait to write up about it. It was a long, but lovely day. 

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