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LIFE: Lately.

01 – So you won’t be surprised to read that little man has a cold again! I swear, it’s at least every 2 weeks! Fingers crossed, it hasn’t been too bad. Just the normal cough and amazingly snotty nose. He has been off his food a little, but I’m sure this is pure picky-ness rather than being poorly, as he’ll happily woolf down a chocolate crepe or biscuit, yet put yummy homemade lasagne in-front of him and a mental breakdown occurs. However, there’s one meal that I know is a sure winner, poorly or not and that’s Annabel Karmel’s Pea & Ham Pasta. So, it’s a good job I’m a good little mummy and always have some made and in the freezer as he loves it! 

02 – Well, what to tell you about the house.. completely random and out of order of the original plan.. but we’ve started, re painting/decorating the dining room. Though we do need to get someone in to wallpaper, as, well, we completely failed at it! At with it being Next wallpaper, not not cheap, I didn’t want to keep failing! There’s also gloss work to do. Until we’d started did I dare mention that this room was meant to be second, but I just got told that the food splatters on the wall we’re doing his head in and it needed to be done. And, I’m not going to complain with that! I do need to order a canvas of one of our wedding pictures for one wall, which I’ll hopefully get done in the next week or two. I did check and we are still booked in in 2 weeks to do the living room.. I didn’t want that get back tracked, as it’s that room that annoys me. 

03 – Still no exercise for me. I swear the weeks are getting longer. It’s the most awful thing, wanting to, but not being able to exercise. 2 weeks left. Aaahhh!

04 – You may giggle at this, but needs must and all, but, I’ve ordered a white backdrop and frame kit off eBay. I must be one of very few people/bloggers that does not have a white surface or wall in their home. I lie actually, I have two white/more grey looking chest of drawers tops in the spare room, which I have been using (I see you all clicking back through my pictures now! haha!) but, their just not deep enough for shots I want and for items bigger than beauty purchases. So, as I say, needs must. So look out for hopefully new and improved pictures! 

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