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LIFE: Lately.

01 – We’ve had another quiet-ish week. We popped to music group, as we haven’t been in a while due to going to a playgroup instead. But I think once half term is over that we’ll start alternating music and playgroup as little man enjoys both. 

02 – As you may be gathered from last week, we did give the dining room a lick of paint, however our wallpapering skills are shocking. So, after enquiring about decorators, we’re waiting on a couple of quotes to come back in. I’d much prefer to have the job done properly, than our dodge attempt that will peel on in months!
We have however progressed on finally getting all the interior doors replaced. I’m meeting the joiner next week to purchase the doors, so hopefully within the month we’ll have them fitted. I can’t wait. As much as they’re going to help tidy the house up, open plan is lovely, but I do like there being a distinction between rooms, but also it’ll be good for helping to keep heat in one room. I haven’t been overly itchy at pressing the heating button and restrained and put a jumper on instead (it’s not that it’s cold cold, I’m just always cold!) but just more about keeping costs down.

03 – Fitness is still slim to none, hopefully one more week to go and then back on it. I’m so ready to go back. I didn’t think I’d find it so difficult! Generally when I have time of I relish it, but this has been hell! Plus I’ve got a 10k to run in July and REALLY need the training. Plus I can’t wait to start at the gym. I want to be a ‘lady that lifts’. 
After much deliberation and intrigue, I finally caved and bought Davina McCall’s ‘Sugar Free’ book. I’m not going to lie, I was swayed when I saw the chocolate brownie recipe. Looking forward to reading it. I do love sugar. I mean, I don’t eat it as is, but I do add a teaspoon to my tea and when/if I bake, I add it, and there’s the obviously bars of chocolate.. So I’m intrigued to see what I can do. As I’ve always said that I don’t agree with cutting things out of a diet, just everything in moderation. 

04 – I quickly just want to mention that the #30sbloggers twitter chat for those close to and around 30 years old is back on. It takes place on Fridays 9-10pm. So, put your shell suit on, put the Judy Bloom book down, put your Top 40 tape that you recorded off the radio on low and pick away at your bag of penny sweets that actually cost a penny and your Freddo that cost 10p and join in! 🙂

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  • Suzy Green

    You'll have to let us know how you get on with the Davina book, I eat far too much sugar! Love the Judy Blume reference, I used to love her books x

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