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LIFE: Lately.

01 – Well, we’re still fighting a cold and as I write this, I too am fighting the cold! Aahh! Days before we go away too! Sods law isn’t it!? We’ve had a couple of play dates this week though, with it being half term. Plus we took a trip with a friend and her little boy who is the same age as J to the railway museum at York to see the choo choo’s. They thoroughly enjoyed it and we were ran ragged! But it was a great day. Will deffo be going back again, but with daddy. 
We also had a 2nd birthday party this weekend which was lovely. They really do enjoy bouncy castles and soft play. Only three weeks to go until his 2nd birthday!!!

02 – I am the most inpatient person ever, with certain things that is. But waiting for people to get in touch with me when I want things done is one of those things. This is in regards to the wallpaper-er. However, on a plus, we are all systems go with having the interior doors replaced. We just need to sort a date with the joiner to do the job, as we’re away next week. Can’t wait to have them done. It’ll tidy up the house straight away and hopefully help to keep the heat in rooms. 

03 – We’re away next week, but once back it’s then hit the gym time! It can’t come soon enough! 
I’ve had a good read of Davina’s sugar free book, there’s some amazing recipes in there. No, not just the brownies one, other proper food recipes too! So, I have a Asda order primed and ready to click deliver on for once we get back from our trip, so we’re straight back into eating better.

04 – Took a family day out today, which isn’t normally, as generally our Sundays out pj/onesie sit on the sofa days. However last week I won a twitter competition for a family pass to Stockeld Park, so we decided to go today. I really cannot recommend it enough, it was brilliant. Granted today, weather wise, wasn’t fantastic, and as leaving we did just miss the rain, but even so, we really enjoyed it. Was lots to do. We definitely plan to return later in the year. I’ll be writing up a blog post, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for it. 

05 – Did I mention that we go away next week?!? I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get away and have some good family time somewhere different and new. Also be nice to see my auntie and uncle who live close by. They’re joining us onsite for an afternoon and then a meal.

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