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LIFE: Lately.

01 – Well, our poor little boy has chickenpox. He got it towards the end of the week, one day before his birthday party. Bless him. So, we’ve had to postpone his party until a later date, which has been (hell) trying re co-ordinate booking the village hall and the bouncy castle/soft play company. We did give everyone the option of coming, as it is good for little ones to get it, but the main vote was that most would stay away. So I now have 2nd Birthday Party take 2 to organise. It was also a bit of a pain, as I had ordered the Asda shop to arrive on Friday, which had all the food for the party in it, so we’re now living off sandwiches for the next 2 weeks to use everything up! 
He has been OK in himself. We weren’t aware he had it till the spots started showing. He’s enjoyed a few play dates this week and been fine. 

02 – Nothing new to report just yet. We’re getting all the internal doors fitted on Monday, so I’m very excited for that. Our neighbour has been booked in to help my Mr wallpaper the lounge in two weeks, so that’s that sorted.
Next on the list is a TV wall bracket to buy and fit for in the lounge and then we’ll be awaiting delivery of our new sofas and chair! 

03 – With being a bit poorly last weekend into this week, I’ve been taking it easy and slowly on the eating subject and haven’t done any exercise either. Once pay day comes round I’ll be getting signed up to the gym, as i now have a ‘workout’ plan that a friend did for me. I can’t wait to get started.
Plus I still have 10K run to train for in July!

04 – Well, In six hours we’ll have a two year old! Wow. Where has two years gone. Such a shame he’s poorly, but, daddy has made him a birthday cake and I’ve made some cupcakes, so hopefully he’ll like them.
Here’s to the terrible two’s…

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