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LIFE: Lately.

01 Well, we’re on the road to recovery. The poor little mite has had chicken pox, an eye infection AND a cold. Plus possibly an ear infection. Mid week this week he’d definitely turned a corner. He had more colour in his face, the spots were healing and scabbing and the antibiotics he had been put on for his red eyes had done their job. He’s not been sleeping through happily yet, more so due to his cough that wakes or hurts him, but he gets there and falls back asleep eventually. Looking forward to Sunday and his (late) birthday party.

02 All our internal doors are now fitted and have new handles. Apart from the bathroom door, which, apparently, is a different size to the other doors and silly me just ordered 7 of the same size. So I’m waiting for the correct size of one door to be in stock for B&Q to come out to deliver it and collect the wrong size one. 

03 A pretty poor week again on the fitness/healthy eating scheme of things. Week before payday is always awful! Plus with little man being poorly, I’ve struggled to have the energy or patience to cook anything. One more week, payday and then signing up to the gym and we’re back on it. 

04 I’ve written a few blog drafts over this week and have actually really enjoyed writing them. There’s a bit of everything coming up, fashion, toddler, beauty and monthly favourites. Keep your eyes open.

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  • Jasmin Charlotte

    Aw I'm sorry about the sickness, that is such a pain to get them all at once as well! Hopefully well on the road to recovery now though. Week before payday is always tough! I've been relying on toast a lot this week! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Caroline

      I know.. felt awful for him! But, it's all done now.. 🙂 Haha, bread is normally the first thing to go in our house! :p x

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