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LIFE: Lately.

01 We finally had our boys 2nd birthday party! I mentioned last week that we had to cancel is due to him having chickenpox and we were able to move it to today. A few people weren’t able to attend, but 15 children was still plenty! They all really seemed to enjoy it and I’m glad our little boy was back to himself and able to enjoy it too.

02 No changes in the house this week. Mr would had been stripping the wall in the living room ready to paper, but, with moving our little boys party to this weekend, it’s been moved to next weekend. I can’t wait to get it papered. I still have the ‘sample’ square stuck to the existing paper to remind me what it’ll look like!
I’m not sure if I mentioned this a few weeks back, but we’ve ordered a new sofa and chair set. It should be with us in the coming couple of weeks, so I can’t wait for that to arrive. The Mr can’t either as it means he has his own recliner, so ‘chill’ in that ‘supports his back’. He did want a lazyboy chair for ‘gaming’, but that dream was quickly kicked out and we compromised on a recliner chair with two new matching sofas. 

03 Joining the gym is still to do and it will get done, however this was not the week. It just seems to be one thing after that another that gets in the way! However Friday meant payday had finally arrived so a good Asda shop was done and we took a trip to butchers for some meat. So we are totally stocked up! Found some new recipes to try and I’ve been watching TheLeanMachines and CarlyRowena’s youtube channels over and over to get some inspiration. Next week is my week. 

04 I know I said this briefly last week, but I’ve got some great reviews coming up of places I’ve/we’ve been and things I’ve/we’ve done, I can’t wait to share them for you to read. I look forward to your comments. 

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