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This month saw our first proper family trip away. We’ve had a weekend to the lakes before, to visit family, but we don’t really count that. Plus this was out ‘honeymoon’ also. We had a great time. I know we’ll be booking again, maybe when little man is a year or two older so he can do more of the activities. I’ll be writing a post up about it, so keep an eye out.

SNUGGLES – We’ve had a quite a few home days/sofa days due to colds etc. My Next onesie has become my staple wardrobe attire, along with a snuggly toddler and dosey terrier beside me, watching repeats of Thomas The Tank Engine…

MATALAN ALPHABET MUG – It’s not the mug I’ve been wanting.. Late to the party, I’ve set me sights on the Bombay Duck alphabet one, but until it is back in stock, this one will do. I’ll find something to put in this one when my new one arrives. 

Finally, I’m back in exercise. Taking it slowly for the last two weeks with just evening dog walks. But has been great to get out and get frog marching. I love this app as it records distance, time, pace, calories, a map of your route and your ‘workout’ is saved, so you can look back on previous days.

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  • Angela Kate Webster

    I still haven't tried Map My Walk yet. It looks great though! Matalan is awesome for quality bargains. I'll have to pop in soon myself.

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