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REVIEW: My Little Box – March & April

March – My Little Super Box

my little super box

This was product wise and visually a great box to open. I love the theme, as it was Mother’s Day month, so tied in well for me.
The t shirt has become a great pj addition, and contray to some comments/reviews from others who received this box, my t shirt fits me brilliantly. The stickers are also really cute and I’m sure will be added to spruce up a notebook, maybe in my gym one!
The beauty gifts were great. I was really excited to see a Garnier product and a great one to try too. This will definitely be working its way into my skincare regime soon. 
The Kerastase rinse out  hair product was also a happy find. The ends of my hair are so damaged and forever breaking, so I’m praying for miracles with this.

April – My Little Dream Box

my little dream box

I thought I’d got away with not reading or seeing what this box was going to be and I lie not, I had literally until the morning I received it and I saw something on Facebook! ha! Still, it was a surprise to open it and find out what tread lay inside.
The ‘lifestyle’ treats with me were lovely. The mini stamper is such a cute idea! I feel sad we live in such a technological age where we don’t ‘write’ anymore, or that I have a penpal to write to to use it.. The charm bracelet is dainty, and to be honest pink is not my colour, it’s lovely, but just not something I’d wear, but it will be passed onto a loving home.
I was really happy to receive this roll on perfume stick, what a great idea and hand handbag size too! The LIp stain is brilliant red colour, which sadly isn’t for me, but again, it will be greatly re-homed. Lastly was another hair product, by MLB themselves.

Again, two more amazing boxes. You can read more about My Little Box and sign up HERE.


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