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LIFE: Lately.

01 We’ve had one of those weeks where it has flown by and I neither know what day it is or what the date is and what we’ve done! Just looking back in my diary and realise it was only East Monday this week, wow, that seems ages ago! haha! Well, we’ve had some visit from friends and little people to play, we’ve been to feed the ducks and also visited a friends for a surprise baby shower of another friend, plus a 3rd birthday party and lastly Sunday lunch out. 
We’ve got a pretty busy week next week too, with his 2 year review on Monday, seeing a friend Tuesday, a trip to the forestry with friends and little people Wednesday (if the weather’s OK), preschool Thursday and seeing another friend Friday.
He was meant to be starting preschool this term, however the council/government have taken their time sorting his 2 year funding, so doesn’t look like it’s happening. However I am hoping to just pay for him to go at least one morning a week, so he can her used to it. The hopefully have the summer term funded and up him to 3 mornings a week. Woohoo! 

02 No changes this week, apart from cleaning. Hoping to tie the Mr down this coming weekend to start painting, at least.
Our new sofas are apparently ready to be dispatched, so they should be arriving in the next week. We have yet to sell our ‘old’ ones, but hey, new sofas! 🙂

03 I’m not going to read back and see how long I’ve professed to be signing up to the gym, but this week I finally did it! And also signed up to 2 classes a week and they’re on a weekend. Kettlebells on a Saturday morning and Spinning on a Sunday. I went to Spinning this weekend and it was tough! But, that’s the aim of the game right. 

04 Finally posted an outfit post this week! New tripod is great, love it. Hopefully it’s toddler proof.. Promise there’ll be more outfit posts on the way.

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    • Caroline

      Aw that's a shame.. I love it, although, I've been loving spinning class more recently. You have to be so careful with kettlebells and not over swinging.x

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