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LIFE: Lately.

01 We’ve had a quiet week on play dates and seeing people. Plans fell through to see friends on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we had a great day in the garden on Friday with two friends and their little boys in the sunshine and also a trip up to the preschool for a couple of hours for their ‘stay&play’ session. He starts up there one morning a week on Monday, going to be weird leaving him. I’m sure he’ll be fine as he is quite independent, but I guess it’s just a change.
We’ve got quite a busy week this coming week, so hoping for good weather. Please. 

02 We have progress! Finally got our bathroom door replaced to match the others and this weekend, the Mr finally painted all the other walls in the living room! So now we (he) can wallpaper the stripped ‘feature’ wall! How exciting. We’ve also finally sold our corner sofa, though still have a two seater to sell, so we are sat on that and our conservatory chairs, in anticipation of our new sofas arrival in a matter of weeks. And then, and then she says, we hit the hallway! Bring it on.

03 I survived my first week at the gym. I have to say, after my ‘induction’ on Monday and being put through my passes a little, even though I told him I have my own training plan which I’m happy with, I was a little knackered, but come Wednesday I was ready for ‘leg day’, however, doms definitely kicked and and did until Saturday, but I marched on and was back in on the Friday for ‘arms day’ and spinning this (Sunday) morning. I also did some other glute exercises at home, which I am feeling, but I’m all good and ready for the coming week. 

04 Got some great local focused posts coming up on the blog over the next month, hope you enjoy them and finding out a little what my borough has to offer.

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