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HOME IMPROVEMENTS – (anyone remember that TV show? I used to love it) Anyways, finally this month, we got on with jobs in hand. The dining room had a new lick of paint and a couple walls papered. The living room had a lick of paint and a wall papered and we finally have internal doors.. THAT MATCH! (it’s the little things) Next month we’ll be hitting the hallway, then I might let the Mr have a break. Maybe.

This is the month our little boy turned 2. Wow. Where do the years go. I know people say the time will fly by and to be honest, it didn’t for me until he was nearly one, you kind of find your stride/routine. Gone are the up every 4 hour feeds etc. But this last year has really flown. Although poorly for his birthday and having to postpone his party, he had a great time and was definitely spoilt.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Elemis facial when we visited Center Parcs in Feb. So much so that I’ve been building up a new collecting of Elemis products, that were used on me that day, to use myself at home. I know just because it’s epxensive doesn’t make it good, but, I’ve swapped and changed through lots of different types and brands over the last two years, but after having that facial, which I know I can’t fully replicate at home, my skin has never felt so clean and amazing. I knew it before the facial and I’m even more aware now, especially with my skin not getting any younger that it is dehydrated. So I’m really hoping I can turn it around and plump it back up. If not, I need to find somewhere local that does Elemis facials and I’ll be there once a week!

This seems to be a much talked about topic at the moment. I seem to have read so many blog posts on what people are watching or what to watch on Netflix. And I, am now one of them! I wasn’t sure at first what I’d watch on Netflix, but I seem to have been able to occupy myself with programmes/series in the last few months. Gossip Girl – Done. Pretty Little Liars – Up to date. Make It Or Break It – Done. I’m now looking at starting Once Upon A Time. I’ve also watched many a chick flick and there’s plenty more where they came from. Oh what did we do before Netflix…

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